The world of waxed concrete in the bedroom by Marius Aurenti


A harmonious, refined bedroom

The bedroom occupies a special place in a home's interior design.

It's the sacred space where we retreat to rest, recharge and relax.

To create a harmonious, refined bedroom, the choice of materials is essential.

Marius Aurenti materials, such as waxed concretethe limethe wall concrete and the plant-based paintoffer elegant, durable options for wall and floor coverings.

Waxed concrete bedroom floor and walls

In the bedroom, waxed concrete and Marius Aurenti Matières invite rest and serenity. It's ideal for fans of contemporary style. Its smooth, glossy finish lends a modern, sophisticated ambience.

It can be used to cover floors, walls or even furniture.

Wall concrete

Wall-mounted concrete will cover your bedroom walls with its velvety finish and sober shades for a very contemporary, mineral look. 

It offers a versatile solution for a chic, bold look in the bedroom.

Thanks to its rough texture and ability to adapt to different styles, it creates an interesting contrast with softer elements, such as textiles and accessories.

Lime chamber walls

Lime, a natural and healthy material par excellence, will make it a cosy cocoon.

With its natural texture and subtle hues, it brings a warm, authentic touch to the bedroom.

It creates unique material effects with timeless charm. 

Plant-based paints and lacquers

Marius Aurenti's plant-based paints offer a wide range of possibilities for dressing bedroom walls.

Available in matte, silk-matte and gloss finishes, they can be applied to walls in a choice of 210 shades from the Iris color chart.

Samples delivered straight to your door matériauthèque.

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