Waxed concrete kitchen floor


The benefits of a waxed concrete kitchen floor

In a kitchenthe floor in waxed concrete is a decorative covering that's sure to please both in terms of design and practicality. Ultra-matt resistant despite its thinness, Marius Aurenti waxed concrete on your kitchen floor is resistant to stain and impact resistant.

With its seamless, uninterrupted appearance, the smooth surface from waxed concrete makes it a particularly suitable material for kitchen floorand very pleasant to use.

Thickness and strength allow waxed concrete to be used in all types of living areasThey can be easily connected to each other, with no visual break in the floor and no level between rooms. No extra steps, no chopsticks.

Not forgetting the essentials: a waxed concrete floormodern, soft, warm and colorfulsatisfies our eternal thirst for beauty and comfort.

Marius Aurenti products for kitchen floors

Expert in waxed concrete for decades, the company Materials Marius Aurenti develops a product range for creating kitchen floors in waxed concrete for every situation and every aesthetic.

These are

Visit samples directly to your home with our matériauthèque.

Marius Aurenti polished concrete kitchen floors

Decorative concrete kitchen floor styles

By using waxed concrete creativeit is possible to create a wide variety of styles for your kitchen floor, depending on your personal preferences and the look you wish to obtain.

Feel free to experiment with different colors, finishes and elements of decoration to create a unique and stylish kitchen floor.

Here are a few possible styles for a polished concrete kitchen floor :

Mediterranean-style terracotta kitchen floor

Mediterranean style

Waxed concrete can be used to create a charming kitchen floor Mediterranean we choose warm, earthy tonesand colors as the terracottathe sand or the brownand textured or patinated finishesThe result is a floor reminiscent of traditional Mediterranean terracotta tiles.

To go with it, find ceramic decorative elements, colorful ceramic tiles and wrought-iron accessories to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Kitchen floors in beige waxed concrete - Marius Aurenti

Country style

A polished concrete kitchen floor can also create the right atmosphere.warm, rustic ambience a farm or a country home.

This time, choose colors waxed concrete more clearas the beigethe light gray or the off-whiteand slightly textured matte finishesto achieve a genuine country.

When it comes to furniture and decor, consider rough-hewn wooden cabinets, cast-iron accessories and vintage decorative objects to create a rustic, comfortable atmosphere.

Bohemian-style kitchen floor in turquoise waxed concrete

Bohemian style

Waxed concrete can also be used to create a stylish kitchen floor. bohemianwith its exoticism, its variegated colorswith its eclectic motifs and cool ambience.

Opt for bold colorsas the turquoise bluethe bright pinkor the emerald greenand use high-gloss finishes to create an eye-catching, dynamic floor.

Complement your colorful concrete with multicolored textiles, ethnic accessories and traditional objects to give your kitchen an eclectic, bohemian look.

Mustard yellow kitchen floor in high-gloss waxed concrete

Vintage style

To create a stylish kitchen floor vintagewaxed concrete can feature retro colors as the mustard yellowthe olive greenor the duck bluein lightly patinated finishes to create an aged look and nostalgic ambience.

Pair this floor with retro cabinetry, vintage accessories, geometric or retro patterns to create a vintage ambience full of character in your kitchen.

Kitchen floor in light grey satin waxed concrete, seaside style

Coastal style

A waxed concrete floor can also be a reminder of thecool, coastal atmosphere of beach houseswith waxed concrete colors as the light bluethe white or the light gray to give your floor a fresh, natural look.

On this floor, place white cabinets, rope accessories, nautical decor and light textiles to create a soothing coastal ambience.

Laying waxed concrete on the floor

Learn how to lay Marius Aurenti waxed concrete on your floor with this video tutorial :

Laying waxed concrete over kitchen tiles

L'applying waxed concrete over old tiles can be made at soil or to wall.

Visit waxed concrete Marius Aurenti allows you to cover old tiles with a thickness of just 2 to 3 mm. This technical feat was perfected almost 20 years ago, making Marius Aurenti the world's pioneer of the millimetric waxed concrete.

Application on tiles requires a professional expertise. The operations of substrate preparation are crucial to the success of waxed concrete over old tiles.

It's time to diagnose the substrate, whether it's a slab or a screedand determine condition and insulation of basements.

Preparation is then required for allow adhesion to the tile and block any rising damp or even level the ground perfectly at joints and outcrops.

Preparing tiles for waxed concrete generally involves two working days additional work. This type of application is often undertaken when demolishing partitions and remodeling rooms.

Application is then made to the prepared substrate according to the rules and conditions of the construction site. Completing a waxed concrete job generally takes one weekto which must be added the duration of varnish dryingfor a perfect return to service.

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