Waxed concrete kitchen worktop


The worktop plays a decisive aesthetic role in the design of a kitchen.

While aesthetics are essential, it's also important to have a material that can withstand everyday use.

With 25 years' experience in decorative concrete, Marius Aurenti offers a wide choice of colors and high-resistance finishes (tested by independent laboratories).

The ready-to-install worktop, straight from our factory

With French manufacturer Marius Aurenti, you can simply order your concrete worktop in one of the 71 colors on the color chart.

Two standard formats:

  • 2440 x 625 x 24 mm - Price: €828 incl. VAT ex works
  • 3000 x 1200 x 24 mm - Price: € 1968 incl. VAT ex works

You can also have them cut to make smaller pieces at no extra charge! For example, a worktop and a small vanity top for your bathroom, within the standard dimensions of the top.

They are handcrafted in France to the highest standards, guaranteeing rapid installation.

Customized dimensions are possible for your project, thanks to a plan supplied by you. Plans, concrete islands, table tops, coffee tables, shelves, etc.

A dedicated service for professional and private kitchen designers

Lead time: 6 weeks

Marius Aurenti light grey polished concrete worktop

On-site production

If your kitchen needs to be fitted with a continuous worktop, or if you already have a worktop that you don't want to remove (in tiles, hydro chipboard, hydro mdf, granite, etc.), our network's skilled craftsmen can renovate existing surfaces thanks to the very thin thickness of the waxed concreteMarius Aurenti is only 2 mm thick.

Black polished concrete worktop

Contact a Marius Aurenti consultant free of charge if you have any questions about your construction or renovation project.

Is the kitchen the right place for waxed concrete?

In the kitchen, the waxed concrete will be to have a seamless surface that's much easier to maintain than a rough or jointed material.

It is essential to choose the right brand and check the performance of the protective varnish.

In this demanding environment, subject to acids, grease, wine and impact, MA's varnishes offer exceptional physical and chemical resistance.

In the materials section, you can download the technical data sheets for Marius Aurenti waxed concrete and finishing varnishes, which have been setting the standard for almost 40 years.

In the kitchen, you can make your own waxed concrete floorsYou'll be able to choose from a wide range of decorative concrete finishes, including kitchen jambs, worktops and credenzas.

Our advice: no direct flame and avoid cutting directly on the surface.

Also use professional cleaners recommended for waxed concrete (no pure chemical agents such as acid or base, and no black soap). A little care and your waxed concrete kitchen will last a long time. Numerous restaurants use Marius Aurenti polished concrete tops, tables and floors on a daily basis.

To choose your color, you can visit one of our distributorsin a dedicated showroom or order handmade samples directly from your home thanks to the matériauthèque.

Our worktops are easy to clean with our professional cleaning products.

Marius Aurenti beige waxed concrete worktop

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