Waxed concrete & cement tiles, when tradition meets modernity!


Over the past 20 years, the waxed concrete has established itself as an essential covering for decorating homes and public spaces. For the past four years, cement tiles have been back in fashion, and with them, more than 100 years of history that adorn our floors and walls. Their geometric and floral patterns are a natural fit for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. 

It is normal that these two cousins, cement tiles and waxed concrete can easily be combined in architectural designs. Both are complementary. With its continuous application, the purity and minimalism of waxed concrete lighten the busy, geometric look of cement tiles. 

In the photos of this Geneva house, we appreciate the layout of the cement tile carpet, which is in perfect harmony with the white pepper color of the wood. waxed concrete floor Marius Aurenti.
Designed by Nancy Geernaert's Just'in Home architecture practice in Paris, is an example of the perfect mastery of substrate preparation work at screed level (underfloor heating) and reservation heights, as well as the color harmony between tile and concrete.
In detail, we note that a separating profile was planned between the tiles and the waxed concrete, but this was not installed - quite rightly on the owner's initiative - in order to preserve the continuity of the mineral material on the floor. Our thanks to the owners for their confidence and aesthetic choices!


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