Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment - December 2018


Concrete-look mineral panel for interiors

Lightweight and mineral, this fire-retardant full-mass panel, similar to reinforced concrete, is made from cellulose fibers bonded with plaster and acrylic resins. Available in 2 finishes, plain smooth or marbled, up to 3.6m long, it is available in furniture versions from 5 to 17mm thick, and in wall or ceiling versions in 11mm thickness. It can be cut like wood, sanded, chamfered, engraved and glued or screwed to any wood, aluminum, metal or plasterboard substrate. Acoustic and thermal properties, waterproof surface with anitache treatment.

Length: 60cm;120cm;240cm (up to 3.6m custom-made). Thickness: 5/9/11.5 or 17mm. Width: 60cm;120cm.
Mass per unit area: between 6.25kg/m2 and 21.25kg/m2.
Density: between 1100kg/m3 and 1250kg/m3.
Reaction to fire rating: A2-s1, d0(5mm;B-s1, d0-17mm). VOC emission rating: A+.
Lightfastness: 4/5.
Color: light or dark gray.
Tensile strength: between 0.71MPa-5mm and 0.88MPa (7mm).
Flexural strength: between 6.5MPa (5mm thick) and 7.2MPa (5mm thick).

Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du batiment December 2018

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