Protect and renovate your exteriors with MA's range


Marius Aurenti has been protecting public and residential structures for 35 years. The range of technical and professional products (OCEAN methods and processes) is at everyone's disposal to ensure the durability of structures.

  • Visit Stain MA's mineral concrete is a coloring product for concrete floors, concrete or plastered walls, concrete blocks and other renders. It allows you to homogenize and color your substrates by penetrating them over time, so they can breathe. The benefits: an antifungal mineral product, which waterproofs the substrate and whose mineral tint allows you to color and homogenize your substrates durably without the risk of flaking.
    Public price in France: €7.33 incl. VAT/m2
  • MA's solvent-based oil-repellent impregnation formulated for outdoor protection of terrace at waxed concrete and allows runoff onto the exterior concrete floorsbut also on interlocking pavers and load-bearing stones.
    French public price: €8.40 incl. VAT/m2
  • Facade water repellent, colorless, protects plastered and rendered walls from run-off and soiling, while allowing the substrate to breathe. It's easy to use and preserves the technical properties of existing coatings.
    French public price: €3.60 incl. VAT/m2
  • Visit MA's Fungicide is a treatment that destroys fungi in curative use and prevents the appearance of moss on porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, plaster or paint, and prevents their reappearance over time. Indispensable in humid climates for walls with little sunlight and basements.
    French public price: €4.80 incl. VAT/m2
  • Visit MMA's ineralizing is a professional penetrating treatment for restoring the beauty and strength of old stone and mineral coatings. It reduces acidic aggression in urban environments and protects and restores old stone.
    French public price: €2.40 incl. VAT/m2

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