Kitchens & Baths - September 2017


Chronicle of a renovation

Cinderella has had a makeover, and the once cramped kitchen, separated from the rest of the house, now projects irresistibly into the living room and dining room. Take a guided tour of this renovation with Emilie Bourbonnois, the designer and decorator.

"The main wish of the customers was to project the kitchen towards the living and dining areas. The kitchen area, which was relatively isolated from the living area prior to the renovation, is now enhanced by a second part directly connected to the living area. Equipped with a barThe first part, hidden from view, plays a more technical role, notably in the preparation of meals. 
The low wall and the system of open niches that once separated the kitchen from the rest of the room have disappeared; the idea was to weave a real link between the volumes and breathe new life into this very long design. However, as the walls are not straight, the constraint was to manage to play with the angles on the linear level in order to make movement and movement as fluid as possible. The choice of right angles seemed too classic and aesthetically cumbersome; hence the choice of acute and obtuse angles, which give rhythm to the picture and make it very graphic.
On the living room side, the kitchen is equipped with a cupboard unit offering additional storage space and incorporating the refrigerator; in a play of symmetry, it acts as a counterpoint to the cupboard unit located in the food preparation area and equipped with ovens. As for the shallow shelves, they create a link between kitchen and living room".

Technical data

Design and production, Ma Cuisine Mon Coach. Designer-decorator, EmilieBourbonnois. Interior designer Fabien Marchand. LineaQuattro kitchen. Kardesia model. Fronts in light grey polymer. Work plan in laminate. Custom stainless steel credenza. Siemens ovens, microwaves, refrigerator and dishwasher. Bora induction hood and table. Floor-mounted, waxed concrete Marius Aurenti.

Photos Laurent André

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