Concrete objects

Marius Aurenti: The Art of Sublimating Concrete

A pioneer in micro concrete for over 40 years, Marius Aurenti has become a benchmark in the field of mineral materials for architecture and decoration. Combining innovation and craftsmanship, this French company has sublimated concrete, a raw material par excellence, into a veritable work of art for the home.

Les Objets en Béton: Rencontre entre Matériau Minéral Subtil et 3ème Dimension.

A display for a boutique, a case for a luxury watch, a backdrop for niches, a small-scale decorative object, a fun totem pole, a souvenir object, specially shaped tiles, table tops, a headboard, a restaurant counter, large-format basins, a perfume display, a store counter, a book display, ready-to-install floor tiles, decorative wall panels in the shape of concrete slabs or with a wood or ribbed motif… These are just some of the projects Marius Aurenti has worked over the last few years. Concrete objects embody this subtle encounter between a mineral material and the 3rd dimension.

Etagère et Objets Béton par Marius Aurenti
Marius Aurenti

High-performance concrete for design and decoration

When it comes to interior architecture, design and layout, the choice of materials plays a crucial role. Marius Aurenti, a specialist in innovative materials, has made a name for itself with its high-performance concrete (HPC ) and micro concrete offerings. In partnership with the Vicat group, the company offers a complete range of design objects and claddings, backed by a research and development laboratory that provides a wide palette of colors and customized finishes.

Objets en béton
Marius Aurenti

Expertise in Design and Innovation

Since its creation, Marius Aurenti has collaborated with architects, designers and interior decorators to offer tailor-made solutions for the most ambitious projects. Our partnership with the Vicat group to develop high-performance concrete has enabled us to to create Smart Up productsproducts with remarkable mechanical and aesthetic properties. The range includes 56 ready-to-use colors, and the R&D laboratory is able to create customized shades for specific projects.

Marius Aurenti manufactures its millimetric concrete and its unique powder pigment coloring system in France, in the Drôme region. This integrated French manufacturing process guarantees quality control at every stage, from design to delivery. Working with a team of experienced workers specializing in decorative micro concrete ensures total mastery of the material and its behavior.

The company also has a workshop specializing in the manufacture of three-dimensional parts, either by casting or by applying micro concrete to furniture structures, objects and panels.

High-performance concrete: technical characteristics and application

High-performance concrete is an innovative solution that is revolutionizing the world of design thanks to its exceptional mechanical properties and durability.

Technical specifications

Mechanical strength:
BHP achieves compressive strengths of up to 120 MPa, enabling the creation of thin, lightweight objects while retaining remarkable strength.

Its density and low porosity make it resistant to chemical aggression, weathering and wear.

With 56 colors in the Smart Up range and the possibility of developing custom shades, BHP meets a variety of aesthetic requirements. Matt or satin finishes offer a wide range of textures and visual effects.

: The high strength of HPC enables thin layers to be produced, while retaining a high degree of solidity.

Design applications

1. Decorative objects: Lamps, vases, sculptures, BHP can be used to create an infinite variety of design objects with customized finishes.

2. Furniture: tables, benches, shelves, HPL furniture combines minimalism and solidity.

3. Coatings: Used in millimetric coatings, BHP creates contemporary wall and floor surfaces.

pot en béton marius aurenti
Personalized object in waxed concrete

Partnership with the Vicat Group: Guaranteed Quality

The Vicat Group contributes its expertise to the development of Smart Up high-performance concrete, guaranteeing consistent quality through strict quality control. This collaboration makes it possible to offer products that meet the requirements of interior architects, designers and fitters.

Millimetric Waxed Concrete: A wealth of colors and shapes

In addition to high-performance concrete, Marius Aurenti also offers millimetric micro concrete, a fine, versatile material. This micro concrete stands out for its rich color, high protective performance and light weight.

Advantages of Millimetric Waxed Concrete

Light and fine
Applied in layers of 1 to 3 mm, micro concrete considerably reduces the weight of objects while offering excellent mechanical resistance.

Color Palette
With 56 colors available in the Smart Up range, micro concrete brings an aesthetic richness to decorative objects and surfaces.

Multi-support adhesion:
It can be applied to reconstituted wood, complex panels with organic or mineral resins, and a wide variety of substrates.

Protection against aggression:
Protection systems offer increased resistance to chemical and mechanical aggression.

Beton Haute Performance sur les objets en béton
High-Performance Concrete on concrete objects

Design applications for micro concrete.

1.floor and wall coverings: micro concrete floors and walls bring a contemporary, elegant look to interiors.

2. Furniture and Decorative Objects: Tables, counters, lamps, waxed concrete transforms standard furniture into designer pieces, thanks to its smooth finish and customized colors.

3. Geometric and organic shapes: Its lightness lets you create objects with geometric or organic shapes.

Stores & stores in micro concrete

House Standards

Boutique de mode pour femme et homme, has chosen an elegant and subtle beige micro concrete, rubbed with a sponge to give it a beautiful cloudy effect.

Boutique Parallèle

This shoe store in the 6th arrondissement of Paris has turned its floors and walls into a uniform mineral showcase in bright, discreet micro concrete, highlighting its products by contrast.

Experience and Support for Creators

With a wealth of experience in the design of micro concrete objects, the Marius Aurenti team supports designers, architects and interior designers right from the concept phase.

Marius Aurenti's infrastructure: Expertise and quality

Marius Aurenti has a complete infrastructure to support the creativity of designers and architects.

Research and Development Laboratory

1.pigment mastery: The laboratory masters spectrophotometry for liquid and powder pigments, offering a wide range of colors.

2. Finish treatment: Specific treatments are developed to meet the needs of each object or surface.

3. Customized formulations: The laboratory works with designers to create formulations tailored to their projects.

Casting and Drying Workshop

1. Temperature control: Concrete drying takes place under controlled temperature conditions to ensure consistent quality.

2. Collaboration with mold specialists: The workshop works with mold experts to create customized shapes.

Treatment Booths and Protection Technologies

1. Treatment booths: Objects and surfaces in high-performance concrete or micro concrete are treated in specialized booths to ensure optimum protection.

2. Protective technologies: Various protective technologies, such as the application of resins, waxes or varnishes, are used as required.

Exclusive distribution of Vicat Smart Up Design products

Marius Aurentiis the exclusive distributor of
Smart Up Design products
. This comprehensive range of designer concretes meets the quality and performance requirements needed to bring the most ambitious projects to fruition.

Support services

Design consulting:
The team offers a consulting service to help designers choose the most appropriate solutions.

Training courses are available for professionals to master the application techniques of high-performance concrete and micro concrete.

Technical assistance
A team of experts accompanies projects from conception to completion, offering personalized technical support.


High-performance concrete and millimetric micro concrete open up new horizons in design and decoration. Their adaptability, color palette and technical performance make them the materials of choice for interior architects, designers and fitters. By combining technical expertise and personalized support, Marius Aurenti is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the requirements of every project.


There are two main technologies used in concrete to make an object, a display or furniture:

1.liquid concrete: This technique involves pouring concrete into a mold. In the building industry, this method is generally carried out by prefabricators. At Marius Aurenti, we focus on excellence and precision to create quality furniture and objects, with the highest standards of finesse, color and protection. In this application, we work mainly with Vicat’s Smart Up Design concrete.

2. Millimetric Waxed Concrete: This technique, created by Marius Aurenti over 25 years ago, makes concrete extremely light. Applied to a substrate such as chipboard, MDF, or complex mineral or organic panels, it considerably lightens structures while retaining the richness of color in the mass. These materials are made in France, in the Drôme region.

To produce a unique concrete object by casting, a mold is required. In this case, we need to design a low-cost mold, as it will generally be for single use, except for art pieces. Marius Aurenti supplies the necessary materials such as concrete, pigments, release agents and treatment products. The designer, on the other hand, is responsible for designing the mold.

For production runs of less than a hundred parts, silicone or polyurethane molds are difficult to amortize because of tooling costs. With millimetric micro concrete, it’s easy to create a concrete object or display. Micro concrete can be shaped by a carpenter, making it easy to create one-off pieces or small series. This method is also suitable for mass production, particularly for boutique networks and restaurant tables.

Yes, Marius Aurenti works exclusively in France, which means we can react quickly, collaborate effectively with our regular partners and ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process. The company has a workshop specialized in the manufacture of three-dimensional parts by casting or applying micro concrete to furniture structures, objects and panels.

The important elements for starting a project are as follows:

– A sketch or 3D model of the concrete object or display to be created.

– The number of items to be produced.

– Order frequency, if it’s a series of items on regular sale.

– The weight or mechanical stress the object must withstand.

– The place of exposure or use to determine the appropriate protective treatments.

– Delivery and installation location to organize packaging and logistics.

With this information, we can determine the best manufacturing technology and adapt our workshops to the customer’s schedule.

Protecting concrete is crucial to its longevity. At Marius Aurenti, material protection has been our expertise for 40 years. Right from the design stage, the protection system is integrated and defined according to the intended use. Concrete can be protected by impregnation, stain, varnish, wax or anti-graffiti treatments.

For a single concrete object or concrete coating, if the mold is made independently, the materials are always in stock at Marius Aurenti, in Châteauneuf-sur-Isère in the Drôme. For mass production, by molding or applying micro concrete, it’s reasonable to allow two to four months, depending on the design phases and workshop availability.

The creation of a concrete object or display begins with a discussion of technical and aesthetic objectives, as well as mechanical, logistical and economic constraints. From this phase, several technical solutions and quotations are proposed to find the best option.

The various stages include :

1. Sampling or Prototyping: Samples or prototypes are produced to validate the concept.

2. Tooling and mold creation: For casting, a tooling and mold creation phase is required.

3. Pre-production: Color adjustment, aesthetics and concrete treatment.

4. Industrial production: Series production is organized according to customer requirements.

If you’re an enlightened amateur, craftsman, designer or artist who wants to work with concrete, Marius Aurenti offers a complete range of products, from millimetric waxed concrete to Vicat Smart Up concrete. We also offer formwork release products, pigments and treatments.

Supplies are available in both small quantities and full pallets. We also work with manufacturers of mass-produced objects.

BFHP 32 colors – Marius Aurenti

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