The world of micro concrete bathrooms by Marius Aurenti

A bathroom in micro concrete, soft harmony

Sober, minimalist, classic thanks to its mineral side but modern thanks to its industrial edge, micro concrete gives a bathroom a very pleasant class and elegance.

Naturally warm, micro concrete stores heat and feels like wood, at the same temperature as the air in the room, unlike metal and glass, which feel cold.

Hygienic, it helps keep a room clean and safe: dust mites and microscopic fungi have nowhere to hide. Originally porous, it becomes water-repellent after a coat of woodstain or varnish.

Harmony and contrast

On walls or floors, in walk-in showers or on worktops, concrete creates seamless visual continuity, turning this key room in the home into a haven of peace and harmony.

Even in a small room, the homogeneity of surfaces enlarges the space. You can take advantage of this to highlight certain utilitarian and decorative elements, such as taps, basins, shower trays, mirrors…

You can also contrast concrete with itself, for example by using white micro concrete on the floor and gray or black micro concrete on the walls, or work in monochrome.


Available in dozens of colors thanks to mineral pigments, concrete lends itself to all kinds of aesthetics – Mediterranean or Scandinavian, brutalist or country.

The Origine végétale paint range and lime, using the same shades from the IRIS 210 color chart, can be used to create a harmonious color scheme on walls not exposed to water.

You can also receive samples directly at home thanks to our material library.

Material combinations

Extremely flexible, micro concrete can be effectively combined with all kinds of other materials, such as stone, wood, glass, marble, painted plasterboard, limewashed walls or ceramics, all of which will blend into this showcase and delight your body on a daily basis.

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Walls, floors, showers, baths, basins: concrete adapts to everything!

Micro concrete walls

On bathroom walls, you can create textured and grainy effects, or make it as smooth and soft as a baby’s skin.

The varnish finish gives it a choice of matte, light-absorbing, satin or glossy, light-reflecting shine.

Micro concrete is a modern, aesthetic solution for bathroom walls, offering a multitude of customization possibilities.

It can be textured and grained, or made as smooth and soft as a baby’s skin. Micro concrete can also be tinted in a variety of colors, allowing you to create all kinds of interior design styles.

The subtle shades and natural patterns of micro concrete add character to the walls, creating a warm, soothing atmosphere in the bathroom.

micro concrete floors

Micro concrete offers many advantages for bathroom floors. It creates an integrated room with a perfectly aligned shower, offering harmonious visual continuity. If desired, a raised shower tray can also be created.

However, it is important to note that wet micro concrete can become slippery.

To guarantee safety, the craftsman can make the soft texture of Marius Aurenti concrete slip-resistant in areas subject to water splashes (up to slip classification PN24).

What’s more, the application of MA’s varnish ensures waterproof protection, optimum hygiene and easy floor maintenance.

Micro concrete showers

Micro concrete offers remarkable design possibilities.

In an all-concrete approach, this cladding creates a shower that’s perfectly integrated into the space, with the drain integrated directly into the floor.

The shower can be defined by simple glass panels or by a wall, creating a harmonious aesthetic.

Another option is to install a shower tray at floor level, while the micro concrete cladding extends into walls of the same shade, offering a breathtaking aesthetic unity. This versatility makes it possible to create bathroom spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

micro concrete bathtub

Bathtubs clad entirely in micro concrete are true aesthetic gems in the bathroom.

The advantage of this versatile material is that walls, floors and bathtubs can be perfectly matched, creating a captivating visual harmony.

The soft, textured look of micro concrete lends a modern, minimalist elegance to the entire room.

The uniqueness of this cladding allows us to create custom-made designs to suit individual tastes and needs.

Whether in soothing natural hues or bold shades, micro concrete bathtubs bring a refined, contemporary aesthetic to any bathing space.

How do you lay decorative concrete in a bathroom?

Micro concrete in the bathroom can be adapted to a wide range of surfaces in both new build and renovation projects.

In new areas subject to water, concrete is laid over a liquid waterproofing system (SEL), such as the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing system, or over Wedi panels and trays with special preparation.

For renovation, micro concrete can be applied to old bathroom tiles in a thickness of just 2 mm, without removing the covering.

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