micro concrete training courses

Transmitting, l’Ecole des Matières

The application of materials such as micro concrete, decorative coatings and paint requires precise know-how.

A pioneering training organization since 1992, the Ecole des Matières Marius Aurenti has helped thousands of companies in the world of mineral decoration. It is the French benchmark for decorative concrete.

The training modules are based on 40 years’ experience in the field. They enable apprentices to join the Marius Aurenti Collective of Qualified Craftsmen, recognized for its excellence.

2-day introductory course in Marius Aurenti micro concrete

This training course, which has been the benchmark for 25 years, is a practical application of micro concrete in an ultra-compact module. Intended exclusively for professionals who are new to our materials, it’s the essential first step before embarking on a project, covering all the key points. Discover Marius Aurenti’s micro concrete for floor and wall applications, corners…

Also covered are the different substrates, methods of substrate acceptance, different primers and finishes that are essential to the success of your project.

Detailed training program

Intended for professionals, this training course is the first contact with Marius Aurenti products and allows you to master your first creations.

Introducing micro concrete

  • The material
  • Supports
  • The primaries
  • Finishes
  • The tools

Practical work

  • Receipt of media and necessary measuring instruments
  • Primer application according to substrate
  • Mixing the micro concrete, applying the 1st coat
  • Application of micro concrete 2nd coat and 3rd coat techniques and decorative effects.
  • Sanding
  • Finishing treatments according to destination
  • Site acceptance
  • Maintenance
  • Economic, legal and regulatory aspects

Wear appropriate work clothing: coveralls, gloves and safety shoes.

For whom?

Professionals who want to develop their skills and business in decorative concrete.


MA’s Rovaltain factory, Valence TGV (26) and Paris region (78).

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Micro concrete introductory course calendar (2 days)

Valence: March 13/14

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Valence: April 10/11

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Valencia: June 25/26

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Paris: February 26 / 27


Paris: April 2 / 3

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Paris: June 4/5

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Further information


Price: €900 incl. VAT (€750 excl. VAT)

2 meals covered during the course.

Private training not eligible for training organizations.

How to register

Contact your area manager.

Once your application has been validated, a link will be sent to you to confirm your participation. This will only be taken into account after online payment.

You will receive an invoice once payment has been made.

After the course, you will receive a satisfaction questionnaire and your certificate directly by e-mail.

Contact for further information

For further information, please contact your area manager.

or contact us via the contact form

Marius Aurenti qualification course

Reserved for seasoned professionals, this approach involves individual coaching and mentoring from experts in the field.

It leads to the “Entreprise ou Artisan Oualifié Marius Aurenti” qualification – which has been obtained, for example, bymicro concrete applicator Sandra Parietti, or the creator of concept-flore.

This recognition of knowledge means that we can provide unlimited support for the most accomplished works, and live professionally as part of the brand’s Collective.

40 years of professional experience and thousands of completed projects

Thousands of trainees have been welcomed both in the field and at our training centers, enabling the development of numerous companies in the world of mineral decoration.

The creator of micro concrete, Marius Aurenti was also the creator of micro concrete training, and remains the benchmark in the field, with 40 years of experience and thousands of projects to its credit. The top level is reached through the best schools. Join the elite and boost your business!

These training courses take place in all regions of France, and are also open to groups from France and abroad.

Vocational training abroad

Marius Aurenti organizes training courses all over the world, particularly in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Senegal
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium