Concrete finishing products

Concrete finishing treatments for easy maintenance and enhanced strength

Some materials require no finishing and can be left bare. This is the case with wall concrete or lime, for example. But for many others, such as micro concrete, the finish plays an essential role in both protection and aesthetics.

The choice of wax or varnish gives the material its patina and determines its matte, satin or gloss appearance. A good finish is an essential element in the durability of a covering, and allows for easy maintenance.

Concrete varnish

MA’s A+-certified, waterborne varnishes are suitable for every application.

High-performance varnishes, extremely resistant to stains, are designed for intensive use (stores, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms).

Mineral concrete stain

Mineral Concrete Stain lets you play up the decorative aspect of your projects.

Marius Aurenti’s Mineral Concrete Stain is a genuine technological evolution in the service of the mineral beauty of concrete, tinting an existing surface by penetration while respecting its structure. It enhances the material, adding luminosity and matte finish.

Concrete wax

Although now rare, concrete waxes have given their name to micro concrete.

They can be used on both concrete and lime, on floors and walls.


The finish is applied directly to a rough surface to ensure color penetration.

If the substrate has already been treated, on a varnished or micro surface, apply after pre-treatment and testing (contact our technical department for further details).

Once installed, it should be protected on both interior and exterior floors with Marius Aurenti’s range of concrete varnish and oil-repellent impregnation treatments.

When applied to walls, it will remain untreated outdoors, unless the wall requires additional treatment (fungicide, anti-graffiti, etc.).

All our materials are applied according to rigorous methods of substrate preparation, finishing and maintenance, for greater durability.

Full details in the technical data sheets.

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