Stores & stores in micro concrete

Micro concrete: when boutique rhymes with chic

Marius Aurenti’s micro concrete is particularly popular in fashion boutiques and home decoration stores.

Its ease of installation and ability to cover old, sound floors means that site times are short and clean.

In trendy design boutiques, its contemporary look sets the tone, in line with the collections on display.

The qualities of concrete on floors and walls

On floors in high-traffic areas, micro concrete will develop a patina over time but will not be damaged. Its mechanical strength enables it to retain its smooth appearance and unique texture despite repeated and sometimes careless use.

MA’s protective waxes and varnishes reinforce this resistance and enhance the material’s long-lasting beauty. Marius Aurenti smooth micro concrete is guaranteed for 15 years without cracking.

On walls, micro concrete creates smooth, clean surfaces that are a perfect visual match for floors, for a perfectly harmonious finish.

Color range

The wide range of colors available for Marius Aurenti micro concrete makes it suitable for all kinds of styles:

  • white, beige or light grey, the great classics, neutral and sober
  • dark grey, anthracite, black, classy and elegant
  • earthy, terracotta, tile, chtonian and mediterranean colors
  • pastel colors, blue, green, pink, ochre, soft and warm
  • bright colors, red, orange, bright yellow, modern and bold

Samples delivered directly to your home thanks to our material library.

Examples of boutiques and stores designed by Marius Aurenti

Boutique Parallèle shoe store

This shoe store in the 6th arrondissement of Paris has turned its floors and walls into a uniform mineral showcase in bright, discreet micro concrete, highlighting its products by contrast.

Furniture structures, integrated into the floor and walls, in the same beige micro concrete – shelves, shoe racks – give this boutique an astonishing visual continuity.

Address: 7 Rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris

Architect: Studio Belem

See their website

Jacquemus x Galeries Lafayette shoe store

At Galeries Lafayette, the Jacquemus brand of handbags, clothing and accessories also relies on near-white micro concrete to enhance its luxurious creations.

Its display cases, remarkably staged with lighting effects, use the same colors in the same materials.

Address: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

See their website

Labo Store clothing store

In Valence, Labo Store, a store selling men’s and women’s clothing, sneakers, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics, displays its products on a beautiful light gray or white micro concrete floor, designed by Marius Aurenti.

Address: 17 Rue Saunière, 26000 Valence

Architect: agence Katell / Guivarch

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Maison Standards clothing store

Maison Standards, a fashion boutique for women and men, has chosen an elegant and subtle beige micro concrete rubbed with a sponge to give it a beautiful cloudy effect.

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Footpatrol Paris shoe and clothing store

This large Parisian shoe and clothing store, specializing in sportswear (sneakers, tracksuits, caps and other accessories), complements its old-stone walls with beige or brown micro concrete, a contrast of materials with a beautiful effect!

Address: 45 Rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

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Iro clothing boutique

The Iro clothing boutique chose a beige micro concrete floor which, with the lighting, takes on a warm, ochre tone.

Some furniture
which serve as benches or display stands, feature the same color.

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Gallery Library of Arts (Lo/A) / creative studio

This Parisian gallery-turned-creative studio has opted for a sure bet: light, almost white, bright concrete, set off by light wood furniture.

Address: 17 rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Orange Cube fashion boutique

This daring Australian fashion accessories boutique cheerfully mixes bright, acid colors – yellow, red, orange – with classic colored marble and neutral white micro concrete.

Address: 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

See their website

Jimmy Choo shoe store

This classy shoe, handbag, accessory and perfume store, a star of British fashion, opts for a patinated brown micro concrete on floors, walls and furniture, placing its products in niches lit against a light background, in a spectacular staging.

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