Waxed concrete restaurants and cafés

Waxed concrete, the choice of elegance and cleanliness for restaurants, cafés and bars

Thanks to its aesthetic and practical qualities, waxed concrete is an ideal restoration solution.

Opening or renovating a restaurant is as much about taste as it is about decoration. The appearance of the site is an important first step.

We enter a restaurant to satisfy our taste buds, but not only that: it’s also about spending a pleasant moment in an atmosphere that promotes well-being. These days, more attention is paid not only to the way we eat, but also to the setting in which we eat.

On a practical level, a restaurant floor must be stain-resistant and easy to wash, two major advantages of Marius Aurenti waxed concrete.

Whether in the dining room or the washroom, waxed concrete can be used on all surfaces: floors, walls, tables, counters, basins… Its hardness makes it extremely resistant to colored or greasy stains.

On furniture, it helps create an original yet functional look, and allows you to create color matches between different pieces of furniture, floors and walls.

On walls, it decorates with its subtle hues and play of light, while its finishing and maintenance products make it easy to clean.

Marius Aurenti’s waxed concrete helps create a distinctive look and combines with other materials – raw wood, metal, cement tiles – to give the room a remarkable allure.

In washrooms, on floors, walls, washbasins and vanity tops, waxed concrete makes cleaning easier while adding character to the space. A sure-fire deco touch that dispenses with the superfluous.

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Restaurants and cafés in waxed concrete by Marius Aurenti

Momzi donuts store / Elevated Donuts – Paris

This high-end doughnut store in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris caters for gourmets and other food lovers.

The floors are finished in taupe-colored waxed concrete with cloud effects.

Address: 1 Rue Cherubini, 75002 Paris

Architects : David & Boulogne / Architecture & Décoration

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Café Caractère – Paris

This coffee shop in Paris’s 11th arrondissement serves all kinds of coffee, drinks and home-made pastries.

Beige and bluish Marius Aurenti waxed concrete on floors and walls creates a warm, luminous atmosphere.

Address: 2 Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris

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Restaurant Kamo Kamo – Mérignac

This fast-food restaurant, which bills itself as Fast Good, serves meals tailored to today’s diverse tastes, including vegan and halal, with and without gluten and lactose.

Their vast on-site catering area features a smooth, homogeneous matte-white waxed concrete floor that’s easy to maintain.

Address: 5 Rue Albert Einstein, 33700 Mérignac

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Café Ineko – Paris

Now closed, this Parisian restaurant sold simple dishes with an emphasis on seasonal vegetables, in a sleek, chic Marius Aurenti white waxed concrete space under a large glass roof.

Address: 13 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

Architect: François Champsaur

Restaurant La Parenthèse – Valence

This gourmet restaurant in the Drôme region, close to the Valence TGV train station, offers 3 rooms that can be booked for corporate meals and meetings. Its local, committed cuisine will delight lovers of authenticity.

The place makes extensive use of waxed concrete, anthracite with cloud effect on the walls, light on the floor and kitchen worktops, and beige on the facade.

Address: 3 Rue Brillat Savarin, 26300 Châteauneuf-sur-Isère

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Restaurant Pitaya – Liège

Specializing in Thai cuisine, this Liège-based restaurant serves everything that delights the taste buds from the “land of smiles”: kebabs, cucumber salads, Thai soups…

Its satin-finish, light-reflecting anthracite-gray waxed concrete floor gives it a classy, modern look.

Address: 13 rue des Dominicains, 4000 Liège, Belgium

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