Ecological commitment

Ecological commitment: not just a necessity, but a matter of course

“The first law of ecology is that the elements are all related to each other.”

Barry Commoner

Responsible Research and Development

Marius Aurenti is committed to a lifecycle analysis approach, from product design to application, and puts technical innovation and respect for our planet at the heart of its Research and Development.

Committed to eco-design, Matières Marius Aurenti controls and reduces its environmental impact for the sake of future generations.

Matières Marius Aurenti products are Class A and A+ certified, certifying that they emit little or no volatile pollutants indoors, guaranteeing the preservation of a healthy interior.

Environmental performance

The company’s objective is to become carbon neutrality. The water used for production cycles is strictly purified, and the micron-filtered air rejects no sensitive particles to the outside.

The Matières Marius Aurenti production site is equipped with a photovoltaic systemgenerating the energy needed to produce materials and recharge electric vehicles.

Sustainable commitment

In partnership with Planète UrgenceMatières Marius Aurenti participates in reforestation programs.

and development projects in Mali, Java and Madagascar. Marius Aurenti contributes to the protection and preservation of the
ecosystems and supports local populations towards a better world for all.

The trees planted in these programs offset the company’s CO2 consumption for a year.