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Range of products and materials

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Millimetric waxed concrete

Its extreme thinness (2mm) and resistance (44 MPA) make it ideal for both new-build and renovation projects.

Millimetric waxed concrete is a warm, timeless material that’s very popular with decorators.

  • Available in 71 mineral colors (powder pigmentation in the mass).
  • Use: interior and exterior floors, walls, worktops, showers, objects.
  • Light or strong shades
  • Smooth to non-slip surface, depending on destination
  • Also available in a terrace version, ultra-thin and fluid to suit your needs
  • Substrates: Slab, screed (with or without underfloor heating), old tiles, chipboard, mdf, plasterboard, etc.
  • No special expansion joints
  • Preparation according to premises and substrates: waterproofing, epoxy resin and reinforcement, porous primer, etc.
  • High-performance matte, silk matte or gloss finish, depending on location. 250g/m2 outdoors and 300g indoors and in wet rooms
  • Consumption only 4kg/m2 (2mm) on floors, bathrooms, … and 2.5kg/m2 (1mm) on dry walls.
  • 15-year crack-free warranty
  • Performance tests by technical laboratories such as LNE and CSTB.
  • 25 years’ experience, hundreds of craftsmen and thousands of jobsites
  • Made and guaranteed in France by Marius Aurenti
beton mural Marius Aurenti FA Studio

Classic or Texture wall concrete

Wall-mounted concrete is a cement-based decorative coating for interiors, with its matt, rough appearance.

Fine and smooth in the Classic version, or grained and irregular in the Texture version, it is easy to install and can be protected, making it suitable for all dry rooms in the home, stores and public spaces.

  • Intended use: Interior wall
  • Available in 71 mineral colors
  • Substrates: Gypsum plasterboard, fibre-gypsum board, old paint, glass cloth
  • Preparation with Wall Primer 200g/m2
  • Raw finish or silky matte varnish
  • Consumption: 1kg/m2 for Béton Mural Classic in two coats and 1.6kg/m2 for Béton Mural Texture in a single coat.
  • Made in France by Marius Aurenti
Ohanna St Barth Chaux en Pate Marius Aurenti

Lime whitewash, plaster and Marmorino

In the purest tradition of lime, MA’s has developed a paste lime for mat rendering, iron lime and interior whitewash.

A Marmorino plaster filled with fine marble gives a deep, matte appearance to interiors and exteriors.

  • Use: Interior and exterior walls (Marmorino only)
  • Available in 56 mineral colors
  • Surfaces: plasterboard, old paint, ecological materials, exterior walls with plaster bodies
  • Specific lime wall primer
  • Rough finish to allow work to breathe or protective wax
  • Consumption: 300g to 700g/m2 paste and 500g/m2 to 1Kg/m2 for Marmorino
  • Matte, cloudy or silky appearance, pure and deep
Peintures et laques speciales cuisines

Plant-based paint & lacquer

Origine Végétale paint is rich in renewable and biosourced raw materials.

Its use guarantees a healthy environment and contributes to greener living.

Easy to apply, it has excellent opacifying power. It is microporous and washable.

  • Intended use: interior wall
  • Available in IRIS 210 Colours and other custom colors
  • Plant-based range: primers & matte paints, matte, velvet matte & satin lacquers
  • Substrates: plasterboard, concrete, old paint, …
  • Preparation with plant-based primer 125ml/m2
  • Consumption: paint 200 ml/m2 – lacquer 150 ml/m2
  • Made in France by Marius Aurenti
Dalle Vigorn dalle en beton

Vigorn concrete slab

Manufactured in MA’s workshops in France, Vigorn is a ready-to-install slab in 14mm sheets.

It revolutionizes the application of decorative waxed concrete, thanks to its ease and speed of use.

Its large format gives a visual unity to the floor in the pure spirit of concrete paving, with the depth, strength and warmth of Marius Aurenti waxed concretes.

  • Over 5000m² already completed
  • Slabs lightened at the core by an alloy of mortar and plant fibers
  • Use: Interior floors and walls in dry rooms
  • Only 14mm thick and 18kg/m2
  • Available in 71 mineral colors
  • Light or strong shades
  • Matte, satin or gloss finish
  • High flexibility, simplified handling, special packaging and logistics
  • Substrates: concrete floors, poured or dry screeds, levelling compounds, tiles, wooden floors, etc. by gluing, 2mm MA’s joints
  • Plunge-cut diamond saw with rail
  • Quick set-up and commissioning (3 days)
  • Large floor formats: 320 x 120cm, 240x120cm, 120×120 cm, thickness 14 mm
  • Worktop sizes: 300 x 120 cm and 244 x 62.5 cm, 24 mm thick, custom-made on request
  • Manufactured in France by Marius Aurenti
Panneaux en beton Concreo Conclad

Concreo & Conclad concrete wall panels

These full-mass panels take on the appearance of rough-cast concrete. They’re lightweight and easy to install, for an ultra-contemporary concrete look in homes or stores.

Supplied in a range of ready-to-install formats, they can be installed quickly without any special training. The concrete is raw and new, with the look of contemporary formwork in a warm light grey.

  • Intended for: Interior walls in homes, commercial premises, hotels and restaurants
  • Substrates: Plasterboard, painted walls or sound old substrates
  • Warm, raw, light gray concrete color
  • Aspect of rough reinforced concrete with small asperities and keyholes (cabochon)
  • Simple edge-to-edge glue-down installation with chamfers, ready for immediate use
  • Cutting with single plunge saw, hole saw …
  • Various sizes: 60x60cm, 60×120 cm, 120×240 cm / thickness 11.5mm / 14kg/m².

Decorative concrete panels Private Collection

Between decoration and art, working with renowned artists on materials in the studio pushes back the frontiers of creation and expression.

These exclusive panels make walls expressive and strong in identity. This work is intended for high-end interiors, boutiques and brands, and the hotel industry.

  • Muriel Malchus Collection
  • Caroline Perrin Collection
  • Large-format decorative wall panels
  • Substrates, formats and finishes are available on request.
  • Specific lead times and logistics
  • Manufactured in France by Marius Aurenti
carqis marius aurenti teinte voile

Carqis concrete tiles

This concrete tile plunges you into the Mediterranean world of Marius Aurenti.

Carqis are hand-cast in France, unique and dotted with a thousand tiny holes, magnificent small formats.

  • Concrete and mineral pigmentation in the mass
  • Intended for: interior walls
  • Available in 20 colors
  • Format: 15 x 2.4 x 1cm and 15 x 5 x 1cm / Sales unit: 0.45 m2 box
  • Raw finish or matte or high-gloss protection
  • Installation with 2mm joints, socket pocket or edge to edge
  • Manufactured in France by Marius Aurenti
Malto Marius Aurenti 2

Malto concrete panels

Originally, banches were made from wooden planks used as formwork for concrete. This ancient technique has left behind some superb walls.

Casting, bubbles, irregularities – this is what Malto is now revisiting with ready-to-install planks. Malto consists of a lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete core, a hand-crafted decorative layer and a protective varnish.

  • Malto 11: 110 x 11 x 1.4 cm / carton of 0.85 m2 (7 slats)
  • Malto 8: 110 x 8 x 1.4 cm / carton of 0.62 m2 (7 slats)
  • Weight: 18kg/m².
  • Available in 4 classic concrete colors (others on request)
  • Surfaces: plasterboard, concrete, tiles, paint…
  • Protective varnish and high-performance varnish options
  • Glue-down wall installation on dry interior walls, edge-to-edge
  • Manufactured in France by Marius Aurenti

The company
Marius Aurenti

Located in the Drôme, in the heart of silica quarries and white cement veins, Marius Aurenti selects and assembles these noble materials and pigments to create deep, refined coatings.

Waxed concrete, lime, plant-based paint and decorative panels become the new harmonious, open and environmentally-friendly living spaces.

With training centers for professionals, and a network of qualified craftsmen, our teams have been passionately supporting sensitive architecture in over 20 countries for 40 years.

Rachel Styliste beton cire sol MArius Aurenti
Nuancier Iris Carre Marius Aurenti

Iris, the color chart

From Marius Aurenti’s Mediterranean origins come the mineral colors of the earth, the deep blues of the sea, the greens grayed by the scorching sun, and names that are so many journeys into this culture.

These intentions have become the 210 shades of the IRIS color chart, designed in collaboration with specialists. With the utmost precision, our colorists perfect these subtle shades and control each color bath with the greatest possible accuracy, right from the first liter of paint or large runs of decorative concrete.

Contact us

From design to technical support and implementation, Marius Aurenti’s advisors and trainers can answer your questions and help you find qualified craftsmen and the right materials to make your projects a reality.

Find a craftsman

Whether in France or abroad, Marius Aurenti will recommend a team from our network of expert craftsmen.

With over 30 years of training and the unique network of Qualified Craftsmen since 2007, Marius Aurenti leads and supports a large family of expert professionals who are passionate about their craft.

Techniques and knowledge at the service of a precise, simple and minimalist aesthetic, with the finesse of gesture and beautiful materials.

Showrooms & distributors

Marius Aurenti materials are available in exclusive showrooms and from authorized distributors.

Assistance with technical choices of supports and uses, textures and colors.

Find out about locations, times and make an appointment.


In 1992, we set up a government-approved training center to support the profession in its specialty products.

In more than 25 years, thousands of trainees have come to learn, discover or deepen their knowledge, and today they share our passion for mineral materials.

These courses are open to professionals, from initiation to integration into the network of qualified Marius Aurenti craftsmen.

Get inspired



Bohemian chic, by the beach or in the countryside, Marius Aurenti waxed concrete brings charm and character to the kitchen.

It can be used to create frames, credenzas and worktops in a single piece, and combines with wood, textiles and other materials to create a warm, unique world.

202203 Chaux en pate baidigeon teinte parchemin Chambre


To create a harmonious, refined bedroom, the choice of materials is essential.

Marius Aurenti materials, such as waxed concrete, lime, wall concrete and plant-based paint, offer elegant, long-lasting options for covering walls and floors.

MFLPhoto Lepic 5


At the heart of the home, the Marius Aurenti living room is adorned with lively materials: waxed concrete, lime and plaster.

With Marius Aurenti, make your living room stylish and trendy: waxed concrete living room floors, waxed concrete walls, waxed concrete staircases, and furniture such as waxed concrete tables.

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In the stores, its very contemporary look sets the tone, in line with the collections on display.

On floors in high-traffic areas, waxed concrete will develop a patina over time but will not be damaged.

2018 Hotel Belleval Paris sol Alchimie 9

Hotels and B&Bs

Matières Marius Aurenti has invested in many prestigious hotels and bed & breakfasts. Thanks to its resistance and ease of maintenance, waxed concrete is an ideal finishing material for these high-traffic areas.

Aesthetically, it’s a material that allows all kinds of decorative styles and color fantasies.

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Restaurants and cafés

Opening or renovating a restaurant is as much about taste as it is about decoration. The appearance of the site is an important first step.

We enter a restaurant to satisfy our taste buds, but not only that: it’s also about spending a pleasant moment in an atmosphere that promotes well-being.

Pièce en béton ciré Marius Aurenti

They put their trust in Marius Aurenti

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FA Studio
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David Boulogne
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Studio Belem
Louise Naegelen
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Louis Vuitton Saint Tropez
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Sandro Paris 3


Garanties 15ans

Waxed concrete is guaranteed for 15 years without cracking.

This warranty covers intrinsic cracks in the material.

Exclusive guarantee from qualified craftsmen Experts

Garanties Formation

An accredited training organization since 1992, Marius Aurenti has welcomed several thousand trainees and helped create and develop numerous companies in the world of mineral decoration.

Garanties Blush

Developed over the last few years, Blush technology offers a unique rendering and unrivalled color precision to concrete: the material is ultra-fine, its application falicitated and the result irreproachable.


We would like to thank the press and journalists working in the field of home and interior design for highlighting the possibilities of Marius Aurenti materials.

Cote Sud
Le journal de la Maison
Maisons cote sud
Marie Claire Maison
Piscine en béton ciré Marius Aurenti (Australie)

Certification and classifications

Marius Aurenti products are subject to quality tests and technical classifications.

Certifications et classification CSTB 650x300 1

Marius Aurenti products are tested by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment for flexural strength, compression, punching, hardness, slipperiness, permeability, fire resistance, stain resistance, etc.

Test report :
CSTB n°RA12-0208
CSTB n°R2EM-11-26022578
CSTB n°R2EM-SIST-14-26047471

Certifications et classification LNE 650x300 1

Marius Aurenti products are also tested by the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais.

LNE n° CX 1600936

Certifications et classification A 650x300 1

All Marius Aurenti materials are classified A+ in terms of indoor air emissions. This indicates that the products emit little or no volatile pollutants into the air inside a room, guaranteeing healthy air.

Certifications et classification CE 650x300 1

The CE mark indicates that Marius Aurenti products have been tested and approved.

Certifications et classification HQE 650x300 1

The Fabrique Marius Aurenti, located in an eco-park, complies with High Environmental Quality specifications. This guarantees genuine energy efficiency and respect for the environment (waste treatment, water management, air treatment, etc.).

Certifications et classification MIF 650x300 1

Founded in La Ciotat (13) in 1982, Marius Aurenti is now based in the Drôme at the Ecoparc de Rovaltain- Gare de Valence TGV (26).

Ecological commitment

More than just a necessity, a matter of course

mohmed nazeeh jSgCHNQqEQ4 unsplash

“The first law of ecology is that the elements are all related to each other.”

Barry Commoner

As a corporate sponsor, Marius Aurenti is taking part in the MERCI project run by the
NGO Planète Urgence

This project helps to restore the mangrove, the natural habitat of the Java rhinoceros, in order to protect it. Marius Aurenti is helping to protect this endangered species with 11,000 seedlings financed this year.

Awards and prizes

Prix et recompenses Architectural Record PNG

Marius Aurenti Waxed Concrete, voted Product of the Year 2016 by Architectural Record, the American benchmark for prescribing by leading architects.

Products are selected for their innovation, utility and aesthetic appeal.

Prix et recompenses SIDIM PNG

Award of excellence at the Salon International du Design de Montréal. Advantages include low thickness, light weight, perfect suitability for renovation, high water-resistance and color.

Prix et recompenses Melbourne design awards PNG

The Australian Interior Design Award went to a waxed concrete renovation of the Milligram store in Melbourne.

Prix et recompenses The World of Interiors PNG

In 2023, at the Maison&Objet show in Paris, Marius Aurenti was awarded the Coup de Cœur prize.


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