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Mastering technology and innovating: a daily passion

Founded in 1982 in La Ciotat, Provence, Matières Marius Aurenti is an independent French company, proud of its know-how and commitment to local manufacturing.

Located on the Rovaltain HQE Ecoparc at Valence TGV in the Drôme region, Marius Aurenti is a pioneer in the protection of concrete, stone and porous mineral materials.

Protection and treatment systems, initially developed for public and historic sites, have now found their way into decorative applications in France and abroad.

The creator of millimetric concrete over 20 years ago, Marius Aurenti manufactures refined, technical materials with a focus on respect for the environment.

Our products are constantly evolving, thanks to the work of craftsmen and leading architects.

Proud of its French heritage, Marius Aurenti is committed to offering local products, made in France with the utmost care and dedication.

Our commitment to quality and innovation guides every one of our creations, to offer you materials that contribute to the beauty and life of your projects…

The CE mark indicates that Marius Aurenti products have been tested and approved.

The Fabrique Marius Aurenti, located in an eco-park, complies with High Environmental Quality specifications. This guarantees genuine energy efficiency and respect for the environment (waste treatment, water management, air treatment, etc.).

Founded in La Ciotat (13) in 1982, Marius Aurenti is now based in the Drôme at the Ecoparc de Rovaltain- Gare de Valence TGV (26).

Béton Ciré is guaranteed for 15 years without cracking.

This warranty covers intrinsic cracks in the material.

Exclusive guarantee from qualified craftsmen Experts

Developed over the last few years, Blush technology offers a unique rendering and unrivalled color precision to concrete: the material is ultra-fine, its application falicitated and the result irreproachable.