Qualifying Training 3 days

A true professional training module, this course extends knowledge and application to the most advanced techniques of waxed concrete.
Depending on your level, the trainer will take you to the technical and decorative limits of what is currently possible with MA’s mineral materials.
The course covers the analysis and preparation of substrates, the application of different types of waxed concrete, finishing and maintenance according to destination.

The 3-day course covers the following topics:

  • Materials and tools required
  • Identification of eligible substrates
  • Mastering substrate preparation
  • Different types of waxed concrete: floor and wall applications
  • Decorative techniques (moiré, depth and uniformity effects)
  • Large-area joint management and fresh-in-fresh application techniques
  • Application of different types of finish (wax, varnish and high-performance varnish)
  • Diagnosis of substrates and site conditions
  • Managing media pathologies
  • Maintenance

For whom?

Professionals who have already completed the 2-day introductory course and wish to perfect their skills.

Depending on your level at the end of this training course, our trainer can award you the company or qualified craftsman qualification.

Contact a Marius Aurenti consultant free of charge if you have any questions about your construction or renovation project.