Micro concrete bathroom floors

A bathroom floor in waxed concrete, or the mineral dream

A beautiful and practical coating

Beautiful and simple, minimalist and luxurious at the same time, appreciated by the public as well as the media and decorators, waxed concrete on a bathroom floor always makes a strong impression.

Plain and seamless, it’s more hygienic and easier to maintain than tiles.

As a mineral, concrete creates attractive material effects with ceramics, glass and metal. It provides splendid aesthetic and practical connections with shower or bath, washbasin tops and walls.

The varnish finish makes it slip-resistant.

Colors and textures

Compatible with all decorating styles, it offers a wide choice of colors among the 71 shades of our color chart – neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, black – or pastel or even vivid shades, while the appearance of the matte, gloss or satin varnish, and its smooth or rich texture, will finalize the deep and warm aesthetic dimension of a de bathroom in waxed concrete.

Samples delivered directly to your home thanks to our material library.

Advantages of waxed concrete floors in the bathroom


Waxed concrete floors are highly resistant and can last a long time without needing to be repaired or replaced.

Water resistance

Waxed concrete is a waterproof material, making it perfect for bathrooms where there’s a lot of humidity.

Easy maintenance

Practical because it’s easy to clean and maintain, a waxed concrete floor can be wiped clean.


Waxed concrete offers a contemporary, industrial look that’s very much in vogue in contemporary bathrooms.

Maintaining and cleaning your waxed concrete bathroom floor

To clean your concrete bathroom floor, follow these practical tips:

  • Be sure to use only pH-neutral products, and neither acidic nor basic products, otherwise the varnish may be damaged.
  • Avoid any chemical or mechanical aggression (abrasive sponges, scrapers, etc.).
  • Don’t let water stand on the floor, di wet objects (towels, mops, etc.).

For daily maintenance of your varnished or waxed concrete floor, Marius Aurenti offers a range of cleaning products, including one specially designed for floors:

To find out more, read our maintenance guide for waxed and varnished concrete.

Laying a waxed concrete bathroom floor

Waxed concrete on a bathroom floor must perform four functions:

  • guarantee watertightness
  • manage water drainage
  • prevent slipping on wet feet
  • and easy maintenance.

Marius Aurenti takes into account the constraints of your new or renovated floor and, right from the start, provides the solution that meets these four requirements.

Applying Marius Aurenti waxed concrete to the floor

To make a success of your floor, take a look at the different steps involved in applying Marius Aurenti waxed concrete to a porous surface such as a concrete slab or screed, or to old tiles.

Laying waxed concrete on a tiled floor

We’re often asked the question: can waxed concrete be laid directly on a tiled floor?

If the tiles are in very good condition and completely level, waxed concrete can be laid over them, subject to a few preparatory steps, including thorough sanding, followed by a coat of primer with a resin (epoxy, PMMA) to facilitate adhesion.

But if any tiles are damaged, old or missing, or if the floor is not level throughout the room, you’ll need to prepare the substrate first, otherwise you’ll spoil the job by revealing the floor’s defects. Damaged or missing tiles must be removed and replaced, and the floor levelled, before sanding and applying the bonding primer.

Once the concrete has been laid and dried, a coat of varnish is applied to seal the floor, making it more solid, durable and resistant, and filling in any micro-pores. This stain can be more or less tinted to give various aesthetic effects – more opaque it can cover rough concrete, more transparent it harmonizes with a layer of colored concrete, leaving the beautiful trace of the craftsman’s hand.

Finally, a top coat of polyurethane varnish is applied for protection.

Preparing tiles before applying waxed concrete

Discover Marius Aurenti’s techniques and products for preparing your old tiles before applying your waxed concrete.