Shower and walk-in shower in waxed concrete

The waxed concrete shower, a touch of luxury in your bathroom

Taking care of yourself in style!

The waxed concrete shower is an essential trend in interior design.

Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your
Concrete can be adapted to the layout of your standard or walk-in shower.

Mineral, therefore natural, and industrial at the same time, the
waxed concrete
is highly appreciated for its smooth, soft feel and varied color palette.

Among the different types of covering available – tiles, glass, wood, plastic – concrete is a popular solution for bathroom renovation, much used in thehotel industry.

A tough, durable material

For more than thirty years, the high performance of
Marius Aurenti varnishes has been tried and tested on public works as well as in the home, guaranteeing waterproofing and ease of maintenance.

Marius Aurenti waxed concrete has an obvious place in
thanks to its technical qualities (finesse, absence of joints, varnish resistance) and perhaps above all thanks to the sensory, even sensual side of this naturally warm material.

Receive samples directly at home thanks to our
material library

Rich colors

Marius Aurenti offers its waxed concrete in 71 colors from its color chart, to match your decorating style.

The most popular shades include White waxed concrete for a bright shower, beige or pastel waxed concrete for a warm ambience and gray or black waxed concrete for a classy, luxurious effect, or colored concretes (blue, green, red, pink, etc.) for an original, eccentric shower.

Douche a litalienne en beton cire Marius Aurenti 4

Italian shower in waxed concrete

A trendy shower style

Italian shower in waxed concrete
is enjoying a boom in bathroom design.

This type of shower, characterized by its floor-level opening, is highly prized for its aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Waxed concrete for an Italian shower floor is an ideal choice for creating a refined, luxurious relaxation space.

Decoration styles

Your waxed concrete shower can be adapted to any decorating style, whether industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian or even bohemian. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best to personalize your space.

Waxed concrete shower floor

A waxed concrete shower floor is an excellent solution for creating a harmonious, elegant space.

This hard-wearing and beautiful material will be one of your everyday delicacies.

Waxed concrete for shower floors can be treated to make it slip-resistant, guaranteeing your safety.

A practical concrete shower floor is easy to maintain and will last for years.

Waxed concrete shower walls

Waxed concrete shower walls represent an original, sober and classy alternative to traditional tiling, which has become commonplace. They add a contemporary, refined touch to your living space.

Waxed concrete over shower wall tiles makes it easy to renovate a bathroom without undertaking major work.

This solution allows you to give your shower a facelift without having to change your entire decor.

It is possible to create shower walls in perfect continuity with the walls of a
bathroom walls in waxed concrete.

Practical benefits of an Italian-style shower in waxed concrete

Easy access and maintenance

Levelless or slightly higher than the bathroom floor, it allows easy access to the shower and ensures easy maintenance.


When designing a new shower, make sure to include a slope (greater than 2%) to allowwater to drain away, and ensure a watertight seal using SPEC, SEL or coverable shower trays, for which we recommend the WEDI range.

The floor-wall continuity is ensured by sealing strips and joints, allowing the waxed concrete to unfold without limits.

The advantages of mineral concrete in an Italian shower are numerous, particularly in terms ofmaintenance and durability.

Colors and finishes

What’s more, the variety of colors and finishes available for waxed concrete Italian shower floors means you can personalize your space to suit your every whim.

Price of an Italian shower in waxed concrete

The price of an Italian shower in waxed concrete varies according to the surface area to be covered and the type of finish chosen.

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Contact a Marius Aurenti consultant free of charge if you have any questions about your construction or renovation project.

Dare to use concrete

A waxed concrete shower is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom. Thanks to its wide range of colors and finishes, this material can be adapted to any decorating style.

Whether you opt for a Italian showera waxed concrete floor or walls covered with this material, it is essential to prepare the substrate well and ensure optimum waterproofing to guarantee the longevity of your installation: you will probably need a professional craftsman to guarantee the quality of our work. Contact Marius Aurenti, who can direct you to a professional near you.

Don’t wait any longer to give your bathroom a unique touch with a waxed concrete shower!

Contact a Marius Aurenti consultant free of charge if you have any questions about your construction or renovation project.

Waxed concrete color chart

How to lay waxed concrete in the shower

Whether for new construction or renovation, installing a waxed concrete shower requires certain key steps to ensure a perfect, long-lasting finish.

New build or renovation

Whether you want to renovate a waxed concrete shower or install waxed concrete in a new space, this solution is suitable for all situations.

Waxed concrete for shower renovation lets you transform the look of your bathroom without having to undertake major renovation work.

Laying concrete over shower tiles

Installing waxed concrete over shower tiles or Italian shower tiles is an interesting solution for modernizing your space without demolishing the existing surface. Simplyapply waxed concrete to the existing tile or earthenware substrate – after preparation (removal of damaged tiles, application of primer, etc.).

For renovation, Marius Aurenti millimetric waxed concrete can cover old tiles with just 2 to 3 mm, thanks to a specific preparation.

Ensuring watertightness

Waterproofing is essential in a shower, which is why it’s important to properly prepare the substrate before applying waxed concrete.

Several solutions exist to guaranteewaterproofing under waxed concrete, and to waterproof the shower’s waxed concrete using a liquid waterproofing system.

Liquid sealing system

The liquid waterproofing system (SEL) is a high-performance solution forwaterproofing your waxed concrete shower.

This is a product to be applied before the waxed concrete is laid, to create a watertight film that resists water infiltration. The system is easy to install and guarantees optimum protection for your shower area.

wedi panels

wedi panels are another option for waterproofing your waxed concrete shower.

These rigid foam panels coated with a special mortar provide a solid, watertight base for laying waxed concrete on wedi. They’re easy to install and can be cut to size to fit your shower space.

When you choose wedi panels for your project, you’re ensuring a long-lasting, effective seal.