Micro concrete basins / kitchen and bathroom sinks

Order your Marius Aurenti basin

Would you like to enhance your bathroom or kitchen with a basin, sink, washbasin or built-in vanity unit?

Marius Aurenti provides you with the object, or the materials, or the craftsman and the materials!

3 ready-to-install basin models

With Marius Aurenti, the French manufacturer, you can simply order your High-Performance fiber-reinforced concrete basin in one of the 32 colors on the color chart.

They are handcrafted in France to the highest standards, guaranteeing rapid installation.

Lead time: 6 to 8 weeks.

Marius Aurenti offers 3 washbasin models, which you simply order and install:

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Round basin

Diameter 35 cm
Height 12 cm
Weight approx. 10.5 kg
Without overflow

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Square basin

Length 32 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 12 cm
Weight 10.5 kg
Without overflow

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Rectangle basin

Length 40 cm
25 cm wide
Height 12 cm
Weight 10.5 kg
Without overflow

Customized kitchen or bathroom sinks and countertops

Whether you’re an individual, a company, an architect, a decorator or a craftsman, you want to make your own bespoke washbasin or washbasin countertop.

In this case, Marius Aurenti supplies the materials and, if you wish, thecraftsman who carries out the installation.

A waxed concrete washbasin countertop can be designed from a substrate(WEDI, Siporex, water-repellent agglo…), which is then coated with Marius Aurenti waxed concrete.

Ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPC) can also be used to design one-piece concrete parts.

Protecting vanity tops is important for hygiene and facilitates maintenance of the kitchen and bathroom.

Our almost 30 years’ experience in concrete protection varnishes ensures optimum resistance.

Samples delivered directly to your home thanks to our material library.

Contact a Marius Aurenti consultant free of charge if you have any questions about your construction or renovation project.

BFHP 32-color color chart


For 40 years, Marius Aurenti has been innovating to improve the purity of its materials and the sensations they provide. Deep, beautiful shades, infinite decorative effects that are pleasant to the touch.

Our commitment to excellence continues with the development of the Manufacture Marius Aurenti to offer you ready-to-install concrete objects.

If you love concrete, the depth of its colors, its very slight flaws like bubbles, its moirations that make each object unique, then you’ll love Marius Aurenti’s basins.

Available in 32 colors, they blend perfectly into bathrooms and outdoor spaces of all kinds, and are treated with a protective coating that leaves their full beauty intact for a wide range of uses.


Countertop basin

Available in 32 IRIS colors

Manufactured in France by Marius Aurenti

Areas of use

Designed for installation on a washbasin or vanity unit.


High-performance concrete


Product appearance: matt or rough varnish


Treated with a closed stone worktop (such as polished granite).

Renew as needed.

Water- and light-resistant.

Reception, storage and handling instructions


When the goods are dispatched, a quality control check is carried out on the condition of the basins (no bumps, cracks, breakages, scratches, stains, etc.).

It is essential to check the condition of the goods on receipt (no knocks, cracks, breakages, scratches, stains, etc.), taking care to open the packaging.

Make a precise note of any necessary reservations on the carrier’s consignment note. Take photos to support any recourse to the carrier.

Acceptance without a precise written reservation on the carrier’s consignment note will not entitle the customer to any recourse.


Store basins in their original packaging. Edge or surface protection must be maintained until the basins are installed.

Handling precautions

Health and safety standards must always be respected.

Wear protective gloves to avoid staining basins.

Remove dust from basins before installation.


Store in original, unopened packaging, away from sunlight and frost, in a temperate room (+15°C minimum).

Further information

Use a soft cloth soaked in Antibacterial and Anti-scale Cleaner to remove traces of limescale.

Avoid prolonged or permanent contact with aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, vinegar, solvents, bleach, hydroalcoholic gel…

Handcrafted, our basins are unique products.

The care taken in their manufacture does not prevent variations in appearance and color.

The basins feature surface protection. Despite the high performance and qualifications of this protection, it is not immune to long and repeated exposure, which can damage them.

The use of basins is not recommended for contact with hot oils.

Waxed concrete for worktops, washbasins and sinks

What is waxed concrete?

Waxed concrete is actually a mixture of cement, sand and pigment, which is then protected with a coat of

This protection makes the material waterproof, water-repellent and oil-repellent (i.e. resistant to both water and oil).

The pigment is used to color the material in the mass. As it is more expensive, it is generally only used for top coats.

Several finishes are available: matte, gloss or satin.

Waxed concrete in the kitchen and bathroom

Mineral and therefore natural, warm and authentic, waxed concrete is ideal for wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

In fact, it helps to harmonize the soils, the walls and elements furniture, such as
work plans
the sinks washbasins washbasins, ensuring total visual continuity; you may also prefer to play with contrasts, and create them in different shades of waxed concrete, or by combining waxed concrete with other materials such as wood, marble, ceramic or metal (stainless steel, brass…).


To make a sink, washbasin or basin in cement or waxed concrete, you obviously need to choose the right material.

Cement or concrete must be particularly resistant to its own weight, to impact, to moisture and to greasy stains caused by cosmetics.

This is why Marius Aurenti recommends using high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete – a mortar into which fibers have been added to increase the strength of a block – and covering it with a varnish.

You don’t like your old sink, your antique washbasin, or even your kitchen countertop? Cover it with waxed concrete!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Thoroughly clean surfaces to be coated – wood, concrete, stone, tiles, ceramics – with a degreasing product; allow to dry.
  • Apply a coat of epoxy primer to tiled or ceramic parts
  • Prepare your concrete mix
  • Apply a thin layer of concrete to the surfaces to be covered
  • Allow to dry completely or partially
  • Apply a second coat
  • Rub with a sponge to smooth the surface
  • Apply a protective varnish

Protected by a varnish or wax, the concrete of a basin, washbasin, sink or kitchen or bathroom worktop requires a little care andmaintenance.

For daily maintenance, surfaces can be cleaned with soapy water.

Avoid using any detergent, acid, basic or corrosive product that could damage the varnish or wax coating, as well as abrasive instruments such as hard brushes.

Marius Aurenti offers a range of special waxed concrete maintenance products with anti-bacterial and anti-scaling properties.