Scenography Côté Sud Terres d’Expression

Vivre Côté Sud exhibition in Aix-en-Provence

Take a look at the mural designed with Marius Aurenti materials at Salon Vivre Côté Sud.

Aurélie Des Robert, in her artistic direction, has created a scenography on the theme of “Terres d’expressions”. Artists Muriel Malchus and Xavier Deshoulières interpreted this theme with a fresco using Marius Aurenti’s mineral materials.

The colors of the plant lacquers chosen are in keeping with the spirit of the show: Terre d’argile, Ibis, Châtaigne, Alezan, Eucalyptus, Fossile, Corde,

Beige mélisse was used as a mineral concrete glaze.

The figures for this year’s show are :

  • 26,760 visitors
  • 260 exhibitors
  • 4 intense days