Architectures à Vivre – November 2017

Waxed concrete: What are the benefits for floors?
The opinion of Jean Krencker, Training Manager at Marius Aurenti

Unlike other floor coverings, this material has the advantage that it can be applied in any room of the house, and even outdoors on a terrace or pool deck. Composed of 95% mineral matter, Marius Aurenti waxed concrete is even suitable for high-traffic public areas, making it extremely hard-wearing. And because it can be used in different rooms, it makes it easy to create continuity between a bedroom and a bathroom, or a living room and a terrace, giving a feeling of space. This aspect can also be used in a bathroom, for example: applied to the floor and walls, it enhances a walk-in shower. What’s more, our product is ultra-thin: just 2 millimeters thick. A property that makes it ideal for renovation, since it can be used to cover old tiles without the need for removal. Finally, waxed concrete is a material that lets you play with colors and textures, so our product is available in seventy-one different shades – plenty of fun to liven up any interior!