Art & Décoration – March 2019

“In this former workshop in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the creation of a roof terrace led to the creation of a staircase in MDF, leaning against a library wall and housing niches under its steps. With a small footprint so as not to encroach on the 45 m2 of living space, it is built on a platform bench with storage space. Cultivating the spirit of the place, its balustrade is made of a custom-made glass canopy, and a grey waxed concrete coating with a matt varnish finish highlights the graphic design of its steps. Design, Olivia Samson, S.O. Workshop. Réalisation, Favori Bâtiment. Waxed concrete Marius Aurenti.
Count 13700€ with the bookcase or 9740€ without.Coffee table and rug, Maisons du Monde.”