Maison & Travaux – January 2019

Equipment / Wet rooms

Soft floors with elegant designs

Composed of several layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), resilient floors are very popular in wet rooms: waterproof, easy to maintain and offering a wide variety of decors and colors, they provide excellent walking comfort and soundproofing. And best of all, they can be adapted to underfloor heating. In rolls, they offer a particularly economical solution (from five euros per square metre), but are not always easy to install given their weight and the requirement for a flawless substrate. In strips or slabs, they are a little more expensive, but much easier to install.

  1. Tile. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, Livyn dalle vinyl floor with matte finish is ultra-resistant and 100% waterproof, imitating concrete-effect tiles. In the form of chamfered slabs, it can be installed with a clip-on floating system, without glue or primer. These tiles compete with laminate flooring thanks to their thinness, easy cutting and installation, and acoustic comfort, L130 x 132 cm, thickness: 4.5 rnm, €35.90/m2. Bundle : 2.08 rn2:74.67 €,Quickstep by Lapeyre.
  2. This roll model from Gerflor’s Hitex range has a retail price of around €35/m2. This difference is justified by the thickness of the vinyl, which increases from 2 mrn in the kaleido model to 3.2 mrn. With a thickness of over 2.9 mm, the vinyl’s textile backing absorbs any unevenness, such as tile joints or gaps between floorboards, thus saving on patching. Approx. 35 €/rm3.Décor Diamond Blue, Hitex range, GERFLOR.
  3. Classic waxed concrete/fine smooth mortar floor, applied in 2 mm thickness, resistant, waterproof and with excellent mechanical resistance. It is available in 71 shades made exclusively from natural powder pigments. Shown here in mouse grey. Can be applied to old, sound tiles. Installation pack (primer, waxed concrete and varnish): €50/m3 excluding VAT. MATERIALS MARUS AURENTI

In bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl and porcelain stoneware take on the look of concrete. It’s a big step to conclude that this material is unsuitable for damp rooms! Thanks to its many finishes, concrete can be adapted to any room in the house. Waxed and water-repellent, it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. After application, it must be sealed and varnished, or even waxed, depending on the finish chosen. Less cold than tiling and just as hard-wearing, it even offers serious advantages in the bathroom, where it can uniformly cover the floor, shower (tray and wall) and walls. This solution is particularly well-suited to small spaces, which are thus enlarged.