Maison & Travaux – Summer 2017

In its latest issue, Maison & Travaux magazine highlights a three-hundred-year-old farmhouse in the Alpes Maritimes. This astonishing building now houses guest rooms. To preserve its authenticity, it has been renovated using traditional materials, notably Marius Aurenti lime. Some old coatings have been preserved thanks to MA’s filler. A great success!

“Ideas, products

Marius Aurenti waxed limes and concretes. Most of the house’s masonry walls have been rendered or re-plastered using Marius Aurenti’s lime-based preparation. These coatings let the walls breathe, helping to regulate humidity and improve air quality. The Marius Aurenti brand offers three types of lime plaster and a 38-tone color chart. For more information:

Old coatings preserved

In one of the bedrooms, the old plaster appeared so beautiful that Sydney and Karin wanted to keep it as it was. To protect it, they simply covered it with Marius Aurenti filler, a transparent, colorless satin finish with excellent resistance to water and dirt. Bouche-Pores n° 5 Marius Aurenti,1 litre/31 € approx., for approx. 10m2.”