MA’s, 35 years of history

In 1982, Marius Aurenti founded his eponymous company in the south of France, in La Ciotat (13). The company specialized in the protection of public works, working with the SNCF, the Paris metro, regional councils and major architects such as Jean Nouvel, Claude Parent and Norman Foster.

Its mastery of concrete and stone treatments enables it to formulate surface stains, concrete lasures, mineral protectors and anti-graffiti preventive treatments.

As part of its research, MA’s developed a very thin waxed concrete in the mid-90s and carried out its first applications. This innovation, a world first, is a revolution in the world of decoration. This new material, which can be used to cover new floors or old tiles with a thickness of just 2 mm, opens up a whole new world for customers and specifiers.

In 2007, Marius Aurenti passed on his know-how to Lionel Ballet, who became the company’s new CEO. The company’s policy of innovation is stepped up to meet growing performance expectations: seamless flooring, technical performance measurement by control laboratories and improved surface protection.

Today, the company is a benchmark in France in its specialization in mineral materials, concrete stains and waxed concrete. Showrooms are dedicated to the brand throughout France.

An accredited training organization for 25 years, Marius Aurenti has also developed a solid network of qualified craftsmen and specialized companies, and has crossed French borders to establish itself abroad, where it is now represented in 20 countries.

MA’s continues to enrich its color palettes with mineral pigments and to refine the precision of its shades. Specific concretes are formulated for structures such as terraces, bathrooms, walls and floors.

Finally, we have set up partnerships with companies in the sector, such as WEDI, exclusively for Italian-style showers in waxed concrete.