Matt, satin or gloss? Choose the right finish for your micro concrete

Three waxed concrete finishes

The final appearance of waxed concrete depends on the finish chosen. The style is determined by the expectations of the application medium.

  • Satin or silky matte gives a pleasant, finished look, especially in bathrooms or rooms with little light.
  • Matte is the rawest, most contemporary finish, and adds depth.
  • Gloss is aesthetically favourable for distinctive colors such as red or black, giving them a lacquered appearance.

Matt finish

Since decorative concrete is naturally matte, a matte finish is preferred for depth and warmth. It’s a contemporary, natural and raw decorating trend.

Satin finish

The satin finish, on the other hand, gives a slightly smoother surface appearance. It is generally preferred over waxed concrete in the bathroom, for water run-off and ease of cleaning. It is also ideal for indoor concrete floors.

Gloss finish

The high-gloss finish is of little decorative interest in the West. It has its place in certain cultures where gloss is de rigueur to enhance the value of materials, and can be used in interior architecture to highlight certain design elements. It is also perfectly suited to very distinctive colors such as red or black, to which it gives a lacquered look that can be found in Asian furniture in particular.

The entire Marius Aurenti varnish range is constantly tested and improved thanks to European standards and the independent scientific laboratory with which we carry out chemical and mechanical performance tests.

Varnish and wax

In recent years, technical advances generated by research into varnishes have enabled us to improve resistance to chemical and mechanical aggression (scratches), as well as the appearance of waxed concrete finishes.

Two-component polyurethane varnish

There are several types of varnish. For Marius Aurenti materials, we prefer two-component polyurethane varnishes because they are the most effective both aesthetically and chemically, they do not yellow and retain all the beauty of waxed concrete.

The varnish has a similar appearance to wax, and facilitates the daily maintenance of waxed concrete in the home, not requiring renewal for 5 to 10 years in domestic use.

The performance of varnishes is irreplaceable, especially in damp or stain-prone environments.

It’s important to note, however, that even if performance increases, no material is absolute, and it’s important to take care when using your concrete!

Marius Aurenti waxed concrete varnishes preserve the nature of the product, the warmth of the contact and the depth of the colors and effects.

Traditionally, satin and gloss varnishes are preferred for their resistance to stains and ease of cleaning.

Microparticles and mattifying agents form mini asperities that prevent reflection of the sun’s rays and surface shine.


As a result, wax is rarely used directly on concrete.

Carnauba wax, for example, is a traditional coating that develops a patina over time.

Wax can be maintained with a spray or polisher.

Exterior finishes

On outdoor floors, waxed concrete finishes are satin-finished to allow water run-off and effective oil-repellent treatment.

On the wall, we prefer matt finishes to give full depth to the concrete, but also to coatings such as lime or mineral paints.

Last but not least, Marius Aurenti is developing matt or gloss anti-graffiti treatments for walls.