Metz et Nancy Women – Winter 2017/18

In the winter issues of Nancy Femmes and Metz Femmes, a long article on the place of gold in interior design. Myriam Mazure, (Bleu Jasmin, MA’s distributor and applicator) gives her expert opinion:

“Myriam Mazur’s favourite material is waxed concrete. She is also a representative of the Manus Aurenti network (manufacturer of decorative materials). When she’s working on a decorating project alongside her boutique, she doesn’t hesitate to combine this raw material with gold. “The mineral aspect blends wonderfully with gold leaf, which I apply in all its thickness and relief to walls or furniture using a process called metallization. It’s an innovative technique that’s about to make a name for itself: a fine powder of pure metal is bonded by resins to various supports such as credenzas, woodwork, wall panels… for a sublime industrial chic decorating effect!” In her boutique, she offers a selection of gold-rimmed glass vases, photophores and mirrors that play with metallic alloys. “Bleu Jasmin gives pride of place to gold, precisely because it reveals the raw materials. It’s often the star of the show, but I avoid mixing metals in the same room, preferring soft wall shades such as gray, nude pink, alabaster beige or terra-cotta. A cement rendered wall is a beautiful showcase for precious objects, softening their reflections while enhancing their beauty. In my opinion, it’s thanks to this contrast that gold expresses itself best. Without it, you quickly fall into the trap of “too much”.