Concrete panels by Marius Aurenti

Decorative concrete panel

French manufacturer Marius Aurenti produces a range of panels in concrete, reinforced concrete, untreated concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete, offering a host of ready-to-install design possibilities. These are unique, hand-made pieces.

Collection Privée creations are the result of collaborations with artists such as Caroline Perrin.


Our concrete panels come in a wide variety of formats, from a few centimetres in height and width to over 3 metres:


Marius Aurenti has been supporting the biggest brands in their projects for several years.

More than 5,000 m² of bespoke objects, brand boutiques, retail networks and private residences have been created in various countries.

Our sales department and design office can assist you with your customized projects.

Textured concrete

With a bit of imagination, concrete can be used in all kinds of imaginative ways, and lends itself to all kinds of decorative effects thanks to its varied textures:

  • a combed effect, with fine or wide grooves, or a weave effect
  • organic textures, reminiscent of plant leaf veins or tree trunk cracks
  • impressions or light relief prints

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