Concreo Conclad concrete panels

Concreo / Conclad concrete panels

Cemento non cemento is a new kind of panel, a full-body, mineral and lightweight material.
Concreo was chosen by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The panels are installed in Marius Aurenti showrooms in Paris and Lyon.
The benefits are above all aesthetic: a warm concrete feel, a contemporary visual feel and different panel sizes, to best suit your needs and projects.

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Vigorn slab (concrete slab)

Ultra-thin, large-format fiber-reinforced concrete slab. Vigorn slabs are ultra-quick to install and ready for immediate use. Easy to lay and cut, it can be glued to interior floors.

Its mechanical qualities make it ideal for use in commercial and residential premises. Its astonishing bending capacities, with no risk of cracking, allow it to be laid on damaged structures and wooden floors.

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Concrete panels by Marius Aurenti

Marius Aurenti produces a range of panels in concrete, reinforced concrete, untreated concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete, multiplying the possibilities for ready-to-install design. These are unique, hand-crafted pieces.

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