Concrete tables

Sturdy in material, elegant in line and pleasing in their mineral feel, dining tables in BFUP or waxed concrete are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

There are many different types of concrete table, with design possibilities ranging from ultra-thin tops to more imposing models several centimetres thick. Ma’s waxed concrete and varnishes have been used for many years by well-known furniture designers. This millimetric concrete is laid on a core of MDF or chipboard, lightening the table’s weight. With Ma’s UHPC, concrete enthusiasts will find a material of exceptional strength, enabling them to cast parts of very low thickness and great finesse in the precision of the pattern.

Finishing varnishes, from gloss to matte, penetrate the material and ensure its protection in everyday use, both at home and in restaurants.
Several models, sizes and colors are available in our stores.

Samples delivered directly to your home thanks to our material library.