MA’s micro concrete even better!

After a year’s research and more than 650 laboratory tests , MA’s has come up with a brand new resin formula (component B) for its range of waxed concretes (Classic, Floor Fluid and Ultra Fine).
The main advantages of this even more high-performance resin are

– Easier processing: at 26°C, processing time is increased by 60%.
– Greater adhesion to the substrate.
– Better resistance to abrasion and impact.

This major research, development and innovation project involved the evaluation of 28 new raw materials to create the formula that best met Marius Aurenti’s quality requirements.

Waxed concrete doesn’t change its appearance, but emphasizes its chemical and mechanical performance. The resin now weighs 5.32kg per kit (previously 4.70kg). Mixing ratios change, but don’t worry, as usual, everything will be noted on the component A (powder) bucket.
This new resin cannot be combined with the old formula.