Waxed concrete headboards

Make your own personalized headboard

Waxed concrete in the bedroom brings uniformity and space.

In this context, a bespoke waxed concrete headboard, in the dimensions that suit you, can be matched to a waxed concrete floor or MA’s paints.

Do you want it square, rectangular, round or rounded, symmetrical or asymmetrical? Marius Aurenti creates your own waxed concrete headboard (or bedside cabinet), not just one of many, but precisely the one you’ve been dreaming of.

Concrete bedroom furniture!

A structure placed, as its name suggests, after the part of the bed where you place your pillows or quilt, the concrete headboard can also take on other functions:

  • shelf, on which to place lamps, sculptures, photo frames, plants, etc.
  • a set of niches in which to store your books or useful night-time items (cosmetics, earplugs, etc.).
  • waxed concrete bedside tables, or adjacent trays for small items
  • or purely decorative structure, e.g. to contrast with the wall or recall the colors of other furniture

To be designed with appropriate lighting, individual lights or subdued light.

It is also possible to create a footboard in waxed concrete.

Samples delivered directly to your home thanks to our material library.

Waxed concrete color chart

71 shades are available for your headboard in the Iris waxed concrete color chart.