Living room / dining room floor in micro concrete

The advantages of a waxed concrete living room floor

Waxed concrete brings an incomparable aesthetic effect to the floor of a living room or dining room.

MA’s waxed concrete is a continuous material with no expansion joints and no size or surface limits. It is compatible with underfloor heating systems, and its colors and natural appearance add warmth to living spaces.

Marius Aurenti, the world pioneer of millimetric waxed concrete, developed this multi-benefit material in the 90s.

The immediate advantage is aesthetic: waxed
waxed concrete
brings visual continuity to a room, enlarging the space and adding a relaxing atmosphere. Easy to care for, it offers a soft, warm touch.

With a choice of 71 colors made from natural pigments, its chromatic palette can satisfy every taste.

Underfloor heating and paving

Does your living room or dining room have underfloor heating?

Don’t worry, Marius Aurenti waxed concrete is compatible with low-temperature underfloor heating on a new screed.

It can also be laid directly on slabs or tiles when a room has been restructured and a screed is not possible.

Your concrete floor with Marius Aurenti

Marius Aurenti’s long experience in developing this material has made it the benchmark for quality in its field, and a reliable guide for all your projects.

Marius Aurenti’s qualified partner craftsmen have mastered the techniques of installation and the aesthetic rendering of a unique floor.

Contact a Marius Aurenti consultant free of charge if you have any questions about your construction or renovation project.

We owe our longevity to the satisfaction of our customers.

We offer you the guarantee of a long-standing French company with a permanent presence in France and many other countries.

Samples delivered directly to your home thanks to our material library.

Concrete on tiled floor

On tiled floors, Marius Aurenti waxed concrete is easy to apply after simply preparing the substrate.

It covers the tiles with a 2 to 3 mm layer, without removal.

The thinness and strength of waxed concrete allow it to be used in all living areas, which can be easily connected to one another with no visual break in the floor, and no level between rooms: no steps or strips.

Thousands of projects have been carried out using techniques perfectly mastered by Marius Aurenti applicators and verified by independent control laboratories.

All Marius Aurenti technical documents present the performance of the materials and guarantee the best quality on the market.

Applying Marius Aurenti waxed concrete to the floor

To make a success of your floor, take a look at the different steps involved in applying Marius Aurenti waxed concrete to a porous surface such as a concrete slab or screed, or to old tiles.

71-color waxed concrete color chart