The most beautiful bathrooms in micro concrete and glass

The waxed concrete and glass are the two materials of choice for a bathroom. bathroom  bathroom.

Discover our decorating tips and ideas for designing an original and elegant relaxation area.

Waxed concrete, the ally of elegance and modernity

Waxed concrete is a popular floor and wall covering for bathrooms, thanks to its sleek, modern look. Smooth and waterproof, suitable for damp rooms, waxed concrete adapts to all decorating styles, from classic to contemporary, thanks to its wide range of colors and finishes.

Glass, the essential touch of refinement

Glass is a pure, refined material that brings transparency, lightness and luminosity to your bathroom. Glass shower enclosures, mirrors and glass furniture are just some of the elements that will enhance your space. Don’t hesitate to play with different glass textures and shades to create elegant and unique contrasts, with glass blocks or panes, transparent or opaque, smooth or grainy.

Decorative ideas for a waxed concrete and glass bathroom

A shower in waxed concrete and glass

Opt for a shower with a waxed concrete bathroom floor and glass walls. This combination creates a relaxing space that is both modern and refined.

A waxed concrete worktop and glass basin

Combine a waxed concrete worktop with a glass basin for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Niches in waxed concrete and glass lighting

Create waxed concrete niches in your walls of your bathroom to store your beauty products and accessories. Add glass lighting to enhance these spaces and create a warm ambience.

A bath surrounded by glass

For a luxurious effect, opt for a waxed concrete bathtub surrounded by glass walls. This installation will bring originality to your bathroom while preserving privacy.

Accessories in glass and waxed concrete

Complete your decor with glass and waxed concrete accessories, such as towel rails, soap dishes and lighting fixtures. They’ll bring an extra dose of elegance to your bathroom.

Maintenance tips for your waxed concrete and glass bathroom

To preserve the beauty of your waxed concrete and glass bathroom, it’s important to maintain it properly. Here are some tips on how to care for these materials:

  1. Clean waxed concrete regularly with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid abrasive or acidic products, which could damage the surface.
  2. Use a specific glass cleaner to prevent water marks and limescale deposits.
  3. Ventilate your bathroom daily to limit humidity and condensation on glass surfaces.
  4. Regularly inspect the silicone gaskets around the glass elements and replace them if necessary to ensure optimum sealing.

In conclusion

The combination of waxed concrete and glass is ideal for creating a luxurious, modern bathroom. These beautiful, timeless materials create a minimalist, pure and noble design that will appeal to all style lovers.

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