The most beautiful micro concrete and wood bathrooms

are intimate spaces where we like to relax. Why not give them a touch of modernity and elegance by opting for a waxed concrete finish?
waxed concrete
and wood ? Both materials are very trendy and offer a unique design to your room. Discover our best decorating ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Waxed concrete, a versatile surface

Waxed concrete is the coating of choice for bathrooms because it can be applied to
and even furniture, worktops and credenzas, creating a spectacular visual unity.

It offers a smooth, resistant finish, ideal for surfaces exposed to water. You can also
apply waxed concrete over existing tiles
– this is often a problem in bathroom renovation projects – making it an economical solution starting at just a few hundred euros.

Wood, a warm, natural material

Wood brings a touch of warmth and naturalness to your bathroom. It can be used for furniture, structural elements like beams, or decorative elements like baseboards and full or partial wall panelling.

Choose moisture-resistant wood species such as teak or cedar for greater durability, or wood that has been treated and sealed.

Decorative ideas for a waxed concrete and wood bathroom

An Italian shower with wooden slatted walls and concrete floor

For a shower that’s both modern and traditional, opt for an Italian shower with a waxed concrete floor and waterproof wooden walls. The contrast between the two materials creates a striking visual effect.

A waxed concrete vanity top

Replace your vanity unit with a waxed concrete top. Pair it with a natural stone basin and brass fittings for a chic, refined look.

Niches in waxed concrete

Create recessed niches in your waxed concrete-covered walls to store your toiletries and accessories. Their minimalist design will fit in perfectly with your wooden bathroom.

Concrete walls and wooden furniture

Add a piece of wooden furniture, such as a shelf or hanging cabinet, to store your towels and decorative items. Choose a wood that contrasts with the color of the waxed concrete for a striking visual effect.

An island bath

For a total waxed concrete and wood look, opt for an island bath with a wood cladding. Surround it with waxed concrete walls for a classy, relaxing ambience.

Preferred colors

For a waxed concrete and wood bathroom, opt for natural, soothing colors.

White, beige and light gray are ideal colors for waxed concrete, as they bring brightness to the room while highlighting the wood. But you can also brighten up the room with hundreds of shades from the Marius Aurenti color chart.

As for wood, choose light or dark shades according to your preferences and the ambience you wish to create.

In conclusion

Waxed concrete and wood are two very interesting materials for creating a bathroom that’s both modern and warm. Their combination offers a hygienic yet authentic style that will appeal to all interior design enthusiasts. Get inspired by our decorating ideas to design the bathroom of your dreams!

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