The most beautiful bathrooms in waxed concrete and marble

When it comes to
waxed concrete
and marble, one immediately thinks of a luxurious, elegant and dreamy world.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to the heart of these exceptional relaxation areas, showcasing the finest creations and giving you a few tips on how to integrate these noble materials into your own water feature.

The marriage of waxed concrete and marble

Waxed concrete and marble complement each other perfectly. The former, with its raw, industrial look, contrasts with the latter, which evokes nobility and sophistication. Together, they create a soothing, luxurious atmosphere of visual harmony, conducive to relaxation and well-being.

Waxed concrete can be used to create floors, walls or even
vanity tops
while marble can be used for shower walls.
shower walls
bathtubs or
. The two mineral materials can also be combined in the same element, such as a waxed concrete countertop topped with a marble basin.

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Examples of waxed concrete and marble bathrooms

The minimalist bathroom

A waxed concrete floor extends right up to the walls to create a “total look” effect, while touches of white marble punctuate the space, bringing elegance and refinement. A marble washbasin and a sleek mirror complete this sober, luxurious décor.

Natural bathroom accents

In this bathroom, marble takes center stage with tiles in poetic, organic patterns. Waxed concrete covers walls and floors, providing a discreet, refined support for marble elements. Touches of wood and plants add warmth to the shower room.

The modern, luxurious bathroom

In this bathroom, marble takes center stage, with walls and bathtub covered in this noble material. Waxed concrete is used for the floor, bringing a contemporary touch to the whole. An imposing mirror and a designer vanity in waxed concrete complete this sophisticated ambience.

A pure, poetic bathroom

Here, waxed concrete comes in soft, pastel hues, creating a soothing, dreamy atmosphere. Marble, meanwhile, is used for the basin and accessories such as soap dishes and towel rails. A mirror with organic shapes and delicate lighting fixtures enhance this poetic bathroom.

Tips for integrating waxed concrete and marble in your bathroom

If you want to integrate waxed concrete and marble into your bathroom, here are some tips on how to choose and install these materials:

  • Choose a quality waxed concrete that is resistant to moisture and stains. Don’t hesitate to invest in a top-of-the-range, tried-and-tested product like Marius Aurenti concrete to guarantee the durability of your bathroom.
  • For marble, opt for slabs or tiles with a good thickness and a meticulous finish. You should also check the origin of the marble to be sure of its provenance and quality.
  • Don’t forget to include a suitable waterproofing system for areas exposed to water, such as the shower or bathtub. Waxed concrete and marble must be properly protected to withstand splashes and ambient humidity.
  • Finally, call in a professional to install your waxed concrete and marble. These materials require specific know-how to be installed correctly, guaranteeing a long-lasting, aesthetic result. Ask us for a quote and we’ll find you a craftsman.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a waxed concrete and marble bathroom worthy of the finest creations, where elegance, dreams and poetry are the order of the day.

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