Waxed concrete and concrete stain facades, or limewash facades

To embellish an exterior wall, you can choose between two stylish solutions:

  • use concrete with a mineral glaze finish
  • or use lime

MA’s waxed concrete gives a very smooth, contemporary surface, with taut, resistant edges, and reinforces the architectural dimension.

It is protected by a water repellent that leaves the surface micro-breathable. Anti-graffiti reinforcements can be applied to the lower parts, while preserving the depth of the concrete’s nuances.

MA’s mineral glazes enable facades to be renovated or colored with a play of transparency and opacity.

Marius Aurenti waxed concrete

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The creator of millimetric decorative concrete for over 25 years, Marius Aurenti works with trained professionals on thousands of projects every year in France and around the world.

Matières Marius Aurenti has constantly perfected this material to give it its aesthetic depth (mineral pigments, purity of cements and fillers) and exceptional technical qualities.

Mineral concrete stain

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A coloring system that penetrates mineral materials such as concrete, stone or lime, glazes can be used to homogenize differently colored concrete or lime, and to correct drips and other aesthetic defects on structures and in the home.

Lime facades

A noble material steeped in history, lime blends in with old facades and modern constructions alike, for a renovation with a traditional feel.

The design of Ma’s lime, with its deep matte finish, great finesse and pure, U.V.-resistant pigments, ensures the waterproofing of the work while allowing the walls to breathe.

The specificity of these renderings lies in the finishing coat, which can be adapted to a classic lime rendering or to renovate an old rendering, giving it a smooth, contemporary look.

Lime whitewash can enhance the decorative aspect of the finishing rendering.