Micro concrete terraces, balconies, driveways, patios, courtyards and other outdoor floors

Waxed concrete is a building material that has made a name for itself in our homes.

Its smooth, homogeneous and clean appearance adds a modern, uncluttered touch to our interiors.

But what about outdoor use?

Waxed concrete for your outdoor floors

Marius Aurenti offers you
waxed concrete for terraces and exteriors
such as patios, courtyards, balconies and walkways.

Waxed concrete isn’t just for your kitchen or bathroom.

Beautiful, hard-wearing and durable, it can be used to cover outdoor floors exposed to sun and weather:

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Waxed concrete terrace

A waxed concrete terrace bridges the gap between the outside and inside of your home, bringing sunshine and life inside the house and indoor comfort to the outside.

Spaces are getting bigger, and it’s becoming so good to connect with the surrounding nature.

Texture, color and ease of maintenance are the main advantages of this concrete cladding.

Waxed concrete balcony

The balcony doesn’t occupy a large surface area, but it’s nonetheless so important to urban living.

Waterproofing permitting, waxed concrete will turn it into a cosy space, a true decorative extension of your house or apartment.

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Patio in waxed concrete

If you’ve created a patio in your home, you can use waxed concrete to create a link between the outside and the inside of the house, bringing it face to face with a world of vegetation and humidity that’s almost tropical…

Or, on the contrary, a minimalist, mineral space as found in Spanish, Mexican or Japanese architecture.

Waxed concrete courtyard

The courtyard is an arrival on your property, a first contact that sets the tone.

If you build a concrete slab in accordance with the rules of the trade and the DTU, you can lay a Marius millimetric waxed concrete finish on top, perfectly suited to pedestrian and light vehicle traffic…

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Garden path in waxed concrete

A walk in the garden, whether on prefabricated, paved concrete slabs, solid paving or Japanese steps…

There are many ways to integrate waxed concrete into your landscaping project. This can be done in situ or in a ready-to-install workshop.

Waxed concrete gazebo

It is laid like a terrace on a concrete slab that complies with DTU standards.

Waxed concrete will provide a high-end finish that will resonate with this graphic element in the garden and the wealth of 71 colors available.

Outdoor waxed concrete, a sensory experience

Compared to other materials – wood, tile, gravel, stone – a waxed concrete terrace has characteristics that create a unique sensory experience, while being practical:

Spatial continuity

Waxed concrete creates absolutely continuous surfaces, without joints or breaks, linking spaces, inside and outside, terrace and living room, flowerbed and garden paths, summer kitchen and pool deck, and creating an impression of visual immensity.


Waxed concrete stores and releases heat in moderation, creating a pleasant, temperate feel that’s neither too hot nor too cold. Under bare feet in summer, it is soft and silky.

The color

Colored in the mass or on the surface with a varnish or stain, waxed concrete lends itself to any harmony with other materials in the home – light or dark, bright or neutral.

That’s why it’s so popular with architects and interior designers.

Ease of maintenance

Smooth and homogeneous, with no crevices and therefore very hygienic, waxed concrete is easy to clean with ordinary tools such as a broom, or more sophisticated ones such as a high-pressure cleaner.

How to create your outdoor floor in waxed concrete

Terrace in decorative concrete and coloured concrete

A terrace that extends a living room or kitchen, whose colors won’t fade in the sun and that stays beautiful for a long time. This is the challenge met by Marius Aurenti waxed concrete, whose mineral pigmentation ensures perfect U.V. resistance.

Marius Aurenti’s hard-wearing 2mm-thick exterior waxed concrete can be laid directly on a concrete slab, or on top of existing tiles.

This requires a certain amount of technical expertise, so we recommend that you call in a professional craftsman for your work.

The application process will involve 3 or 4 steps:

  • If the floor is bare, a slab is poured first
  • If screed, slab or tiles already exist: preparing the substrate
  • Concrete application
  • Joint finishing (very important along a driveway) and waterproofing. It is finished with a water- and oil-repellent treatment that facilitates maintenance and protects it from the elements.

Driveway, patio, courtyard…

The application of waxed concrete on these types of floor will be no different, and each surface can extend another.

It’s easy to imagine creating an entire pathway, from a concrete terrace to a network of paths, one leading to a kiosk with swings, the other to a patio, courtyard or garage.

Waxed concrete balcony

In the same way, you can lay a thin layer of millimetric waxed concrete on a balcony, extending the interior floor in perfect continuity with the exterior floor, and of course creating the entire balcony from a single block, floor and structure.

How much does a waxed concrete terrace cost?

The price of a waxed concrete terrace depends on a number of factors: the initial state of the floor, the surface area to be covered, the complexity of the project, the type of finish chosen, and so on.

On average, the price per m² of an outdoor floor with Marius Aurenti is between €90 and €130.

For a precise quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us free of charge: a Marius Aurenti professional will be able to answer all your questions about your project.

Advantages of waxed concrete for terraces, balconies and other outdoor areas

Waxed concrete is shock-, scratch- and stain-resistant, provided it has been properly installed with the right finishing products. This makes it a durable choice for terraces, driveways and courtyards that are subject to constant traffic.

Originally, concrete is porous, but its waterproofing can be improved with a variety of finishes. It protects the soil from rain and snow. Laying outdoor floors with a slight slope can also help them to drain away water.

On a day-to-day basis, an outdoor concrete floor is easy to live with: a smooth surface that can be swept and cleaned in the blink of an eye, without allowing dust, pollen, plant debris, pebbles etc. to accumulate in crevices.

Thanks to the pigments in colored concrete, you can ensure perfect visual continuity between your outdoor flooring and, for example, your waxed concrete facade, or your waxed concrete outdoor furniture, all in exactly the same shade.

Smooth, almost too smooth, concrete can become dangerous in icy or damp conditions. Fortunately, exterior concrete can be treated in various ways to make it slip-resistant:

  • or by adding silica, which makes the texture more granular and therefore “grippy”.
  • or with varnishes and woodstains

Maintenance and cleaning tips for outdoor waxed concrete floors

A terrace, balcony or any other type of outdoor floor in waxed concrete is easy to maintain.

Simply use a pH-neutral cleanser. Marius Aurenti offers a range of maintenance products for waxed concrete.

For routine maintenance of your waxed concrete terrace or balcony, you can use a broom, mop, soft brush or sponge.

Avoid all aggressive products with acidic or basic pH, as well as very hard brushes likely to damage the waxed concrete topcoat.

Béton Terrasse 71 color chart

Coloured concrete: a vast choice of colors

Originally gray, waxed concrete can be colored in the mass thanks to a rich range of natural mineral and vegetable colorants, added to the plaster made from sand, cement and water.

Marius Aurenti offers a rich palette of colors in its Iris color chart. Waxed concrete can be white or beige, two great classics, or sober black or gray, or even a bright blue, red or pastel color.

The choice of color for your outdoor waxed concrete obviously depends on your tastes and the ambience you wish to create in your outdoor space.