All you need to know about waxed concrete floors



Visit waxed concrete applied to the floor is a coating composed of a mixture of cement and other elements such as sand and aggregates (often quartz), mineral pigments and various additives.

One or more finishing coats are added, from mineral or organic glazevarnish or wax. Waxed concrete can be installed

  • on a concrete slab, itself laid on a screed
  • on tiles
  • on any other rigid, clean, flat surface that doesn't "work" (which means you can't lay concrete directly on parquet)

Colored in the mass or by means of a wood stain Even when tinted, waxed concrete floors can be adapted to any aesthetic:

  • neutral, classy colors such as white, beige, black and grey
  • Mediterranean colors such as terracotta red or sand
  • pop colors like blue, green and orange

Depending on the type of varnish, it can be given a matte, satin or gloss finish to suit a variety of aesthetics, from the more traditional to the more modern and industrial.

Waxed concrete floors can be used both indoors, in the home or in a commercial setting, and outdoors, for balconies, terraces, etc. terrace or a pool deck.

Waxed concrete floor, polished concrete, smoothed concrete: what are the differences? How to choose?

Helicopter-smoothed concrete slab

A smoothed concrete floor is a concrete slab, at least ten centimetres thick, smoothed with a "helicopter": a machine with rotating blades that both smoothes and closes the concrete pores.

Smooth concrete is UPEC-rated. It is used mainly on large surfaces, in warehouses, stores and sometimes on private homes.

If you want to lay a screed or millimetric waxed concrete on a concrete slab, you can also use a Flemish smoother to smooth the surface.

If the slab is to be laid outside, the concrete will be trowelled and rubbed to give it a roughness that will make the surface relatively slip-resistant; the fresh concrete can also be swept to achieve the same effect.

Polished concrete slab

To create polished concrete, pour a concrete slab and let it dry, then sand a few millimeters with a coarse-grit diamond sander to obtain a grainy finish.

Polished concrete is generally used for exterior applications.

For interiors, polished concrete can also be produced in terrazzo or granito mode: these are concretes that incorporate fragments of marble or other materials to create a coloured texture. They are polished to a finer grain than exterior polished concrete.

Millimetric waxed concrete

Millimetric waxed concrete is used indoors rather than outdoors, as it's a smooth, fine mortar spread thinly on the floor, over a concrete, tiled or other rigid, dry, clean surface.

Advantages of waxed concrete floors

Trendy flooring

Waxed concrete floors, like decorative concretes in general, are very much in vogue in the world of homes and buildings. Their variety of looks and colors makes them compatible with all types of interior design and architectural styles: traditional, brutalist, contemporary, post-modern...

What's more, a waxed concrete floor complements other building materials, such as wood, stone, metal, glass...

A durable, hard-wearing floor

Hard, so impervious to knocks and scratches, and protected by layers of stain and/or varnish, concrete withstands all kinds of aggression, making it a durable material.

A warm material

Thanks to its physical and chemical properties, concrete has a warm feel to it, unlike cold materials like marble.

Capable of storing and slowly releasing heat, it is ideal for underfloor heating.

Hygienic and easy to maintain

Smooth and uniform, with no joints or cavities, a waxed concrete floor stores neither dust nor dust mites and is therefore hypoallergenic.

Unlike floors and tiles, whose seams harbor dirt and micro-organisms, concrete floors ensure near-perfect cleanliness.

It can be cleaned with plenty of water and pH-neutral household products.


As long as exacting construction standards are met, waxed concrete can be used to create waterproof floors, which are extremely practical in kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms, etc. shower.

Waxed concrete floors inside the home

Beautiful, clean, warm and practical, waxed concrete flooring is perfect for the interior of the home and can be installed in any room. There are three ways to protect interior floors:

  • a water-based polyurethane varnishapplied in two coats after sanding and sealing
  • IF3 solvent-based impregnation, directly after sanding and dusting (this solution offers high chemical and mechanical resistance)
  • or a combination of both

Marius Aurenti varnish and impregnation are classified A+ with regard to health and environmental factors.

Light grey waxed concrete on kitchen floor

In the kitchen

The kitchen is a messy room that requires frequent sweeping and cleaning, but it's also a convivial and practical space, so a waxed concrete floor that's easy to maintain and pleasant to live in is a real winner.

On average, we prefer to install a stained and varnished concrete floor, as these two finishes add water and oil repellent protection, making your kitchen floor more durable.

If you already have a tiled kitchen floor, you can easily lay a concrete floor over it..

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Beige waxed concrete bathroom floor

In the bathroom

In the bathroom, concrete is appreciated for its cleanliness, ease of maintenance and warmth, as well as for its softness to the touch and rich range of colors to suit every aesthetic.

A waxed concrete bathroom floor adds a touch of modernity and elegance to your home.

If you want to replace existing tiles with waxed concreteit's perfectly possible!

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Taupe waxed concrete on shower floor

In the shower

Warmer than tile, glass or marble, waxed concrete is an excellent choice for shower floors and walls, and even more so in the case of a walk-in shower.

Smooth and seamless, a concrete shower floor leaves no room for mildew and is easy to maintain.

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Living room floor in beige waxed concrete

In the living room

On a living room floor, waxed concrete fully expresses the qualities that make it a decorative concrete par excellence.

In this usually vast room, it unifies and enlarges the space by presenting a plain, seamless surface and an appearance that often reflects the furnishings and walls.

Easy to care for, it offers a soft, warm touch.

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White waxed concrete on bedroom floor

In the bedroom

In a bedroom, a waxed concrete floor offers many advantages.

The natural warmth of the material makes the piece comfortable, its smoothness makes it soft to the touch and sensual, and its cleanliness ensures hygiene and protects you from dust mites and the allergies they cause.

As a thermal conductor, concrete provides pleasant underfloor heating.

Waxed concrete on staircase floor

On the stairs

A waxed concrete staircase is an excellent choice because of its proven resistance to wear, abrasion, scratches and other scuffs.

Its raw look is perfect for an industrial-style interior, but in smooth, colorful form it can be harmonized with any interior design style.

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Waxed concrete on outdoor floors


Visit waxed concrete for outdoor flooring will work just as well as indoors, if not better: it will also withstand the elements (rain, snow), the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays and temperature variations.

We protect it with a water- and oil-repellent coating, a mineral stain and a varnish.

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Waxed concrete on terraces and swimming pools

On terraces, pool decks, courtyards and walkways

A waxed concrete terrace floor will remain clean and beautiful for a long time, well protected behind its layers of mineral stain and varnish. Similarly, for patio, courtyard and driveway floors, waxed concrete is simply laid on a concrete slab and finished with a water- and oil-repellent finish. To find out more, click here:

Marius Aurenti products for waxed concrete floors

A pioneer and expert in waxed concrete for decades, Matières Marius Aurenti offers a complete range of products for creating high-quality, aesthetic and long-lasting waxed concrete floors.

These products are designed for the installation of waxed concrete on floors (or walls), from concrete screed to cleaning products, from millimetric concrete (a fine, smooth mortar) or Vigorn concrete slabs to glazes, varnishes and waxes.

Samples are available directly at your home thanks to our matériauthèque.

Millimetric concrete

Millimetric concrete consists of a thin layer of concrete (fine mortar) on top of screed or tiles (see below).

It can be left raw or colored in the mass. It can be finished with one or two coats of woodstain or varnish.

Vigorn concrete panels

Designed to be practical, easy and quick to install, the Vigorn panels are 14mm concrete slabs for interior floors and walls.

Vigorn panels are large, measuring 125 x 240 cm, or over 2.88 m2 per slab, for concrete paving with the depth and quality of Marius Aurenti concretes.

They are available in the colors of MA's Béton ciré color chart (71 mineral colors) and are protected by a high-performance varnish.

Mineral and organic glazes

Concrete floors are rarely used bare, as they are fragile, wearable and difficult to clean. It can be protected with three types of product: stain, varnish and wax.

Visit concrete varnish is a finishing coat that fills small holes and harmonizes the appearance.

It can be colored to hide or enhance the color of the underlying concrete. There are two types of stain:

  • mineral varnish glazes and smoothes the surface, making it more resistant to wear and tear
  • organic glazes consist of a polyurethane coating; they are used to repair or renovate aged or stained concrete

Concrete on the kitchen floor needs to be protected with a mineral or organic glazewhich vitrifies, smoothes and protects the surface.

Mineral stain can be used on new floors, as well as for renovation work on aged or deteriorated floors.

Organic glazes are best used as repairs on damaged waxed concrete or on a wall that has been painted. lime.

In both cases, it's best to protect the coat of woodstain with a final finish: a coat of varnish.

The varnish

Laid directly on untreated concrete, or preferably on stained concrete, the varnish adds a final layer of protection to waxed concrete.

By depositing a film over the entire surface, this protection prevents scratches and scuffs, as well as all forms of mechanical wear caused by friction. It also prevents stains caused by chemical aggression.

The wax

Visit wax has given its name to waxed concrete, even though what it's called often refers to something else: varnished cement.

It is still possible to wax concrete, for example with carnauba wax.

Unlike varnish, wax acts by impregnation, penetrating the material.

Cleaning products

Marius Aurenti's specific finishing treatments ensure excellent protection of the material, which is easy to clean and maintain with conventional detergents or with Marius Aurenti professional cleaning products.

Floor cleaner

Floor cleaner

Biodegradable professional cleaning product with over 95%, the Marius Aurenti floor cleaner is neutral, acid-free, ammonia-free and alkali-free.

It leaves surfaces clean and grease-free.

Suitable for all washable floor coverings such as waxed concrete floors, floor resins, tiles, painted surfaces, plastics, PVC and linoleum.

Multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser

Multi-purpose degreasing cleaner

Visit multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser suitable for a wide range of applications:

    • cleaning of waxed concrete, marble, terracotta, tiles, parquet, carpets, plastics
    • pre-construction paintwork cleaning, sanitary facilities, kitchens, bathrooms
    • cleaning of kitchens, floors, cold rooms, sinks, work tables, aluminum and stainless steel containers.
Anti-limescale Anti-bacterial cleaner

Anti-bacterial limescale cleaner

A biodegradable professional cleaning product with over 90%, derived from the health and medical sectors, the anti-limescale, anti-bacterial cleaner is a powerful bactericide and scale inhibitor.

It disinfects, removes soap scum and limescale and leaves surfaces perfectly clean.

It is ideal for cleaning work planstiles, taps and fittings, washbasinsbaths, toilets.

Waxed concrete and tiles

It is possible to lay micro concrete over existing tiles. existing. However, several conditions must be met:

  • the tiles are in good condition, with few loose or damaged tiles
  • the tiles are properly insulated from the layers below; if they are not, they should be removed.

To lay concrete over tiles, the substrate must be prepared:

  • sand and level tiles,
  • then apply a primer to improve adhesion.

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Waxed concrete and underfloor heating

A warm, heat-conducting material by nature, waxed concrete goes very well with an underfloor heating system, either electric (with resistance, as in an electric radiator) or hydraulic (with hot water).

A waxed concrete floor heated from underneath is both economical and particularly pleasant to live on - it's a pleasure to walk on barefoot.

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